Sunday, August 05, 2007

my belgian soul brother is coming to australia.
the countdown is now on.Its 17 days and counting...
he is bring his special chicky to rock on in gorokan.
we cant wait to see them both .
here's a few pics from his porfolio.
having worked with john malovik,gerard depardou(sp?)
in the tele movie Les Misérables
(it played here on SBS ),in movies ,t.v.,on the stage thru out europe .
he is an actor ,comedian,friend ,father ,sagittarian,connected spirit ,a dreamer
and many more things .we are all so excited.
the kids are bustin~RICO and JPL (our friend from belguim who came to australia in 1997~bringing rico with him)have been great txt buddies,pen pals and late night phone callers~mostly when they are a little happy,yay,..we have shared weddings and births of children together,and our connection has stayed strong over 10 years .may it stand the test of many more years of friendship across the miles..


Nicole said...

He's abit of a hottie, you sound so excited to be seeing you mate again and soon. The days will fly by.


Donna said...

Now I just can't believe that this post only has one comment!!!! God he's absolutely gorgeous! Of course - he's a Sag - me too. You too Witchy? Lucky thing - how fun it will be to hang with an old buddy - I love those times when paths cross and it's just laughs, wine and good times. Enjoy luv!

Scrappylicious said...

Gotta agree with the other girls he is GORGEOUS :D :)