Sunday, August 19, 2007

gee is it day 40 all ready...
im tired from my weekend..
will post more pics when my comp.isnt so slow..
for now its a pic of JADE ,EVY and myself taken this arvo at webbgods house..
.the girls go on oh so well...what a fab weekend..
i was so happy to spend time with you rock babe ,
thanks for bringing your girls and your self all the way done to the central coast ..
hope it wont be your last visit..the layout..
well im a little addicted to faeries(yes that is the right spelling)and fro those who know ,
faeries must be asked very nicely to join the party...they are very naughty ,you know!


tracey said...

wow sounds like you all had a great time-- and check out that layout -- too cool -- lovin that one too miss - ciao

Nicole said...

Love the photo, love your hair, it's so free and gorgeous.
Adore the page, has the most beautiful look about it. Sounds like you had a fantastic time. wish I was there.


Pamela Godfrey said...

Looking forward to getting the disk of photos, thanks for a wonderful weekend

Love Pam