Thursday, August 30, 2007

DAY 51....
which photo will i use?????
ill let you decide...
still not back to being me...trying hard to get thru the week unscarred
fingers crossed ,one day to go...then i'm going into hermit mode for the weekend
find me a rock to crawl under!!!! ill be there!!!!
photo one
photo two
photo three

and while i'm here ..i know there are not many of you left that have PAID IT FORWARD"i was a lucky duck to be granted a gift from chelle...(she's so sweet)so now its my turn...for those that havent jumped on to the pay it forward bandwagon..who would like me to make them something special.....all you have to do is leave your name,make sure you say me forward..then you copy and paste the below info ..and repeat the process.....

Pay it ForwardHere are the rules:The first three people to comment here (who would like to be involved in the Pay It Forward Challenge) will receive a handmade gift from me. All you have to do is keep the fun challenge going by agreeing to create three handmade gifts for three more people...SO, if you would like a gift hand made by me, just be one of the first 3 to pop in a comment!! :)EASY PEASY! So if you would like to join in, add your comment, the first 3 get a handmade gift from me, and then you post the same thing on your blog (just copy and paste the rules)and keep paying it forward.


Jodie said...

hey witchy.
try stay strong and happy.
if u need to chat, uknow where the pm buttons are ok? :D
love those photos, love ur blog.
and ive had a payit forward so i cant get one :( tho id love something made by you hehe.
we could tradeoff! :P

Anonymous said...

Hugs to you Lisa

I will be thinking of you hun, and sending out happy vibes all the way over to the bestest witch in the whole wide world :)

Love ya hun!


Lisa said...

thanks so much for the compliments on my purses!! :) so you need a heavy duty bag. do you know what size you're looking for? pockets on the inside or outside? and about the straps...not wuite sure i understand what you mean about them going under the purse? for big totes and stuff, i sew the handles right into the seam of the top and usually triple stitch that what you mean? haha! would you have an example of what kind of straps you're talking about? anyway, i would be glad to do a custom order for you! just let me know the specifics like color (or you could pick out your own fabric and send it to me if you like) and all that good stuff. weeee i feel like i'm in business now! :))

binrow said...

Witchy, I so wish I could be there to give you a big hug but the miles are a bit far for my little arms to reach. Maybe one day that scrap bus with you, Pam and Goddess might just come my way and I can give you big squishy hugz for real!!

HUGZ(the best I can give at this distance)

Pamela Godfrey said...

i'll do your pay it forawrd if there is room

Pamela Godfrey said...

head up girl, unbelieveable what one person can do to crush a girls spirit - shine thru babe

Ruby said...

I luv the 2nd one!!
Your so photogenic!! If only uyou could have all three...

Nicole said...

hun, don't know what's downed you but i'm over here *madly waving at you* if you need someone else to talk too.

yep butt ugly tag, just thought it meant that being nice matters.

Loves ya


love all your pix too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Witchy..... "May you never miss a Sunset or a Rainbow because your looking down"!!!

Head up sweet your one of the nice people in this world and I'm missing your magic that burst from within... xxx Your a smile in my day so back at you xxx