Thursday, August 16, 2007

DAY 37
todays pic is taken with one of the parents from school ..
she is my serial blog stalker ,a real loon ,and i have been blessed
to have her pop in here and abuse me with her controversial words...
you make my day christie ,im stoked we have connected .
not only is she one of our darling ''angels'' mummy's
,she is my horse riding buddie and my scrap buddie also...
hope ya like this piccy,i figure I look better than U
as for the layout ...just something i whipped up last night ..
i totally love the combination of black ,red and white ..
with a spalsh of blue for fun
and now that i have some wonderful new pics of myself ...
that i would never have had ,had i not joined the 365 day photo challenge


Nicole said...

Such a cute and fun pic. just love it. Thank god I've got someone else to look at through out this challenge. don't think I would have made it even this far if it wasn't for us being only a couple of days apart. Oh well only what 11 months to go.

Fab page, LUV the colour scheme, big on that myself. and totally agree with you if it wasn't for this challenge, I wouldn't have done so many pages of myself either. there's only so many times you can use that one particular shot you love. hahaha


Donna said...

Beautiful Lisa... you justhave this knack - can you bottle it up for me please????? :)

Christie said...

Oh my god I love me. Didn't I just make the photo awesome. No extra chins or anything bad like that. Maybe next time we could leave you out of the photo and then it would be an absolute prize winner.