Monday, August 06, 2007

day 27
and i'm loving this new ya like it..????
ok jodie ..this ones for you's my scrap space.still cluttered
but ill walk you thru it
here's my punches and stickers.of all kinds..i need 3 of these books, but , now i'm just going with a box and throwing them in loose..cause i'm hopeless at putting things away
this is looking from my kitchen..
im in the lounge room and i'm set up full time, poor family...
they have learnt to eat in a small space..heheh

general table stuff,on hand all the time
sitting on the window sill are my brads some more chippies
this is under my window and i have 2 large boxes of chipboard letters
under the paints
and lots of other on hand stuff

here's where i keep my treasures.15 completed 12x12 albums..and i need about 3 more
the gorgeous
colours of pp and cardstock..
on top photos and HS chipbard letter

the meat and potatoes folks..
stamps ,embellishments ,tapes ,
flowers ,swaps stuff otp projects


Jodie said...

15 completed albums!!!!! whoah.

thanks for the pics, LOVED THE TOUR, ur scrap space is pretty awesome i love it, and hey ur scissors are the same as my fave pair, cept mine are purple version!! lol

and on ur album stack the checkered album, we have a few of those we got t hem for $2 agess ago and each have half finished concert albums in them.
and ayesha made me a michael one in them.

love todays piccy also

rockin lisa!!

binrow said...

He He thanks witchy now my DH will have to back off about my scrap stuff, after I show him these pics he'll finally understand that I really don't have that much after all!!!

I wonder If he'll let me get more!!


Donna said...

I'm with you Binrow - "Mac, come quick and see Witch's scrap space!" hehe Thanks for sharing Lisa - now I'll be able to justify buying some more stuff, I've got hardly anything compared to you!!! Also - LOVE that photo - this is your best one so far I reckon - really beutiful - and this time you can't say it's the camera - that's all you.

Melissa said...

Loving today's Pic Lisa...
LOVING all your goodies....a scrapwitch must have some tools to weave her magic hey!

Lauren said...

hey Witch,
you do have heaps of stuff!! Glad to see pics of it!
Loving your photo too.....

Michelle Jamieson said... blew me away with your tour!!

Great range of gear for a creative and productive Witch!!

Chelle Xx

Nicole said...

I'm coming to your place to raid your stash. How awesome is all your gear.

Gorgeous photo of you, love it, can't wait to see you put it too good use.


Louise said...

Oooh Lisa Ive think your going to have a few DH's coming after you - lol.

And yes I love the photo!!! :)

miasmummy said...

Great stash!!! I wish I could have a dedicated spot for my stash so it could be left out all the time. Have the spare room, but wanna be where the action is in the lounge dining area!!! Loving your pics of yourself!!! You are in dedicated woman!!!! Ali xxx

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhhh looks a lot like my craft room Witchy but your got a lot more stuff taking up less space then my room..xx Organised Chaos and I totally love seeing where you create your master pieces.... xx loveing all your pics as well... you sure are lucky to get that new beaut cannon xx