Wednesday, July 30, 2008

whats happening out there folks...
for me its nothing but the routine of work and family stuff...
a little unmotivated during the week to pump out any scrap work...
but i challenged myself this arvo to throw together a 30 min layout
in between kids and organizing dinner...
i dont really think its that great ,but well somethings better than nothing i suppose!
got this new lace border from papercraftsonline ,its a paper product ,comes in 4 different sizes and styles 2 meters of each and its only 9.00
awww we just lurve our boo boo..
this afternoon she was out sunning herself in the winter warmth

asti and paul were having cuddles also..a sweet moment to catch in a pic last nights dinner was pauls yummy vegie pie

which i whipped up for my man as a belated home birthday dinner...heres the recipe.

line a pie tray or casserole dish with pastry.....layer sliced vegetables along the base..start with root vegies firstthen what ever vegies you like....for example*potato*pumpkin*sweet potato*onion*carrot*brussel sprouts*cauliflower*zuccinni*broccolli*asparaguswhatever you have....we have done it with 16 vegies once....todays pie had 12 vegiesso you layer up these vegis put these items below in a food processor or barmix and mix into a combined even liquid....1T saltpepper to taste2T honey2t curry powder1 -2 cloves of garlic1 small chuck of gingerstock cube/vegie1/4 cup waterpour this over the with pastry and cook at 180'/190' for one hourwhen you serve it you ..cut a piece and plate it up...then top with grated cheese and some yummy gravy....delish...this is a wonderfully hearty winter meal folks....just had to share

now whats your favourite winter meal?

this one has been titled the TREE PIE

again ,happy birthday babe

Sunday, July 27, 2008

salutations bloggers
ive had a scrapping good weekend with my scrap buddie Georgie ,
wow ,dont forget to check out her fab pieces created this weekend .
here's a few from my weekend .

loz ,here's one for you babe wont get it for a while though ,as its off to feature
at a new scrap shop here on the coast.
ive been selected for the design team ,which i'm pretty excited about .
something new,after my year long photo challenge .
here's a few things that i have been working on for the new bricks and mortar store .
the Paper Crafts Mailbox ,has been an online store catering to card makers for 10 years ,
and has a vast selection of card making products.
Anne has recently taken on scrapbooking as well .
although there's not a lot of scrapstuff in the online store just yet,that will soon change .
the (B&M) store opens this monday .
this one is based on a sketch from chelle

what have you been up to this weekend ?
happy birthday to my man...mwah babe !

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

howdy bloggers...!!
did ya miss me...
i've had a wonderful break from my year long blog and photo fest.
and im so glad thats over...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this weekend ive been in a cleaning frenzy.spring cleaning hit early this year .
so for 3 and a half days i basically did nothing but clean.
i didnt even scrap(did ya read that !)
on monday the gorgeous binrow aka robyn ,arrived on her way back up the coast.
with 3 adoreable so missing you already,and you only left 3 hours ago.
now i have a super small house. 2 bedrooms..
it was kind of cramped ,but we made the best of it.

the girls got down to some serious performance.

the kids bedroom slept 6.evy and kalin top bunk,

robyn had asti's bed,asti ,erin and regan on the mattress on the floor

Friday, July 18, 2008

for you warm wishes and comments ..
yep its over...but i found it impossible to not take a pic today..
if 21 days makes a habit,what does 365 days make??
todays layout is challenge piece set by Deb Mitchell from the SM scraproom.
her challenge .
create a layout using 3 different shades of pink
you may use 2 other colours
use any other embellishents
one or 2 photos
a heart must feature somewhere an your layout ..heres my effort

told you it was impossible ..366
maybe i could just finish at 400
naaa only joking,or am i?

before i leave you today .i want to share a blog with you ,
and one truely original artist
her art of photography ,her passion for the right quote
and the most incredible detailed stunning layouts .wow

Thursday, July 17, 2008

day 365

finally its over...yippee...that final shot/s were taken this arvo,by miss evy,
who seems a lil over taking shots atm...mmm i wonder why ..
but before you see my final shot(no thats not it )
heres a layout ..inspired by FULVIA in Italy who was showcasing some digi layouts and had a faux hambly type overlay(but it wasnt~you know the wonders of digi)
so anyway i was super inspired and my next scrap session produced this...
i used a small bowl over the photo and ten slapped down some paint..
im loving the effect and i cant wait to try different shapes and colours..
what do you think?
oh and as i was scrappin i was thinnking to myself about how
random my layouts are at the moment .
in turn i have now coined the phrase(if it hasnt already been coined)
RANDOM SCRAPPER.. because thats what i am!

miss asti was playin on the back verandah ,taking time to get over her yearly coldsore
ok cyber friends...i really couldnt decide,so ive decided
to put my favs up from today..
thanks to all who encouraged me along to way to keep going at
this challenge .
im so happy to have so many wonderful photos of myself
i encourage everyone to give this challenege a go...
for a week ,a month or a year.

if you drop by today please leave me a comment .
peace and love to you all.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

day 364
my two rays of sunshine
ive been trying to get a layout finished straight after work each day
its never very organised ,
but i am feelin like its a bit more free flowing,
which sits with my love of freestyle i suppose.
im contemplating a 365 day layout challenge when this photo challenge ends
love this fancy pants pp sooooooooo much...both sides...i need some more

ive been over to mums this arvo(kids spent the day with her)and i found this pic on the wall ..had to share.I'm about 3 and Mick must be 5,this would have been only a few months before my dad past away ,we lived at Green Cape Lighthouse ,Eden.

this was on the wall too..

the lights a bit off ,as its behind glass.Georgia's mum Ange is the most fabulous of artists

i truely have been inspired by all that she creates

.she created a series of pen sketches of my family .This is the one she created for my mum.We have to add little Ryan who is now 5

happy is the girl with one pic to go,in a 365 day self portrait challenge .
thanks a bunch to all those who take time to leave a message :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

day 363...hehhheheeee
i was stuck for child care the end i took my 2 to school
and while they were there they
performed a dance .then they took 10 children each
and taught a belly dancing class .
i was just so proud of arrived an hour later,
so it worked out ok..and the kids at work just loved it too...
had to share a couple of shots ..
well heres another layout i bashed out this arvo...
ive been trying to lift some of Louise's ultra cool arty ideas...
super minimal ,but strikingly full of body layouts...
but it keeps ending up like a witch layout instead...
obviously im just not ment to go minimal ..anyway here it is
more bloody pics of me...woop dee doo

and that beloved pic of the day (yer right)...

only took 17shots to get this
2 more to go...yay

i'd love some love.

Monday, July 14, 2008

day 362
another day done...
boy its going to be a little weird not taking that daily shot..
on with the showcase and a few shots of miss boo boo peeps