Friday, July 18, 2008

for you warm wishes and comments ..
yep its over...but i found it impossible to not take a pic today..
if 21 days makes a habit,what does 365 days make??
todays layout is challenge piece set by Deb Mitchell from the SM scraproom.
her challenge .
create a layout using 3 different shades of pink
you may use 2 other colours
use any other embellishents
one or 2 photos
a heart must feature somewhere an your layout ..heres my effort

told you it was impossible ..366
maybe i could just finish at 400
naaa only joking,or am i?

before i leave you today .i want to share a blog with you ,
and one truely original artist
her art of photography ,her passion for the right quote
and the most incredible detailed stunning layouts .wow


Sar said...

Seeing as you got soooo many comments yesterday, I'll be the first to comment today! Ha ha. Day 366, my're a legend, Witchy! Loving your layouts of late I always do, but anyway... Cheers, Sar

Fulvia said...

very very beautiful!!!!! you and your los

Pamela said...

Gotta say it 366 is my favourite pics of all. (And you need to do this day because it was a leap year this year)

I do love that layout.

I do think your title is cool random scrapper..... You are and original.

xo Pam

tracey said...

okes i have been back and read a few of thew posts... must say i am bloody impressed by your overwhelming need to please me with your artistry in the way of your layouts.... must remind myself to send you photos that suit my albums... just joking.....YOU SO ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...sorry i haven't blogged sooner .. had stuff to deal with.... but all is good... so loving your work lovey.... and i hear you won the embellished challenge... congrats .... you are an awesome artist .... and you so don't need to enter comps to let you know that - love you ... say hi to the little people who are loved ... and chat with ya soon i hope.

Anonymous said...

You are truly a devoted spirit...(Where did you get the little clock? is it a stamp that I need to buy, lol?) gina

Ruby Claire. said...

Do ooonnn Go to 400 ;) hehe..
Get the world record for the longest you can do it.
LOOVE THE LO!! Absolutely GORGEOUS! You and your pain! Meant to beee :)

parkergal17 said...

Congrats on completing the photo challenge. I have personally loved checking your blog out daily.

Love the layout too it is just divine.

Jaimie R said...

Hey Lisa, WOW that LO is so cool, love the way you scattered the bling.. I'll have to lift that idea methinks!
I have that blue felt & some doilies for ya, but I wasn't able to come round this weekend, and my op is on wed.. Eeek! Congrats on embellished too :)

Cheeka said...

I love the way you started and FINISHED a year-long challenge. Congrats! I'm not sure I could do it! Plus, I'd have to take all the pictures myself as the dogs have no thumbs, dangit, and can't run the camera.

great blog!

Pamela said...

I miss your daily blogging already....... :(

Yillup said...

OK. I knew it would happen. I KNEW you would leave us all hanging! WHAT DO I DO WITHOUT WITCHY'S PHOTOS??? LOL.

Seriously though - good to see you're taking a well-deserved break from daily blogging, but please come back soon!!!

Anonymous said...

You rock my dear Witchy!!

Hope you come back soon, after a blogging break :) I miss seeing your awesome work :)

Maz xx

Anonymous said...

The girls look ecAC`TLY like you! Enjoy what we could not do! gina

Binxcat1 said...

Thanks for that link witch... Natalie B is AWESOME!