Tuesday, July 15, 2008

day 363...hehhheheeee
i was stuck for child care today...im the end i took my 2 to school
and while they were there they
performed a dance .then they took 10 children each
and taught a belly dancing class .
i was just so proud of them...dad arrived an hour later,
so it worked out ok..and the kids at work just loved it too...
had to share a couple of shots ..
well heres another layout i bashed out this arvo...
ive been trying to lift some of Louise's ultra cool arty ideas...
super minimal ,but strikingly full of body layouts...
but it keeps ending up like a witch layout instead...
obviously im just not ment to go minimal ..anyway here it is
more bloody pics of me...woop dee doo

and that beloved pic of the day (yer right)...

only took 17shots to get this one...lol
2 more to go...yay

i'd love some love.


I am... said...

awesome work witch!!
and how cool are ur kids, those childcare kids were lucky to have such a fun lesson today.

and awww little boo in the last post, is getting so big and gorgeous!
whens her 1st bday?

Fulvia said...

I am moved only to tell you hello. your girls are wonderful, thank you because often come to visit my blog, I come every day!

Nanny_leilz said...

I bet the kids loved the belly dancing!! :).

Are you signing up for another year of the 365day challenge?? :p lol.

Michelle Jamieson said...

You are cranking out some great layouts of late!! Beautiful as always.

I can't believe you are nearly finished your 365 day challenge! Well done...I love checking in and seeing your smiling face each day!!

Chelle Xx

Georgia}]............ said...

to cool for school ay lisa
they could have come over.. any time dosent matter im here i love them my cool lil witchs evi and asti

love your pages
3 already done ive almost finished 1 more since the weekend but im thinking thats going to be it i have 3x9 hour shifts for the rest of the week arrrrrrh

Natalia said...

thank you so much! Glad you like them. You haven't been missing out actually. I've been away, and thought I'll upload my work altogether when I've made a few. You kinda get cut-off from the creative process when you have to move back and forth from uploading and creating :)! *if you know what I mean*

thanks again :)!

Anonymous said...

You have to be proud of the 365 challenge AND the fact that kids were mature énough to entertain others! That is the best tribute to good parenting one can receive! Off to see the other 363 days! Congratulations, again!