Wednesday, July 16, 2008

day 364
my two rays of sunshine
ive been trying to get a layout finished straight after work each day
its never very organised ,
but i am feelin like its a bit more free flowing,
which sits with my love of freestyle i suppose.
im contemplating a 365 day layout challenge when this photo challenge ends
love this fancy pants pp sooooooooo much...both sides...i need some more

ive been over to mums this arvo(kids spent the day with her)and i found this pic on the wall ..had to share.I'm about 3 and Mick must be 5,this would have been only a few months before my dad past away ,we lived at Green Cape Lighthouse ,Eden.

this was on the wall too..

the lights a bit off ,as its behind glass.Georgia's mum Ange is the most fabulous of artists

i truely have been inspired by all that she creates

.she created a series of pen sketches of my family .This is the one she created for my mum.We have to add little Ryan who is now 5

happy is the girl with one pic to go,in a 365 day self portrait challenge .
thanks a bunch to all those who take time to leave a message :)


Fulvia said...

the lo "rays of sunshine " is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!if not you sorry I copy it

Melissa said...

WOW!!!!!!!I LOVE LOVE LOVE this LO Lisa...really fresh and different!
Go girl!

virginiaw said...

Love the LO..but how cute where you?????Loving the family special...but not as special as having one day to go..Congrats..Awesome work...

Donna said...

You never cease to amaze and inspire me Witchy - I love those oranges - so vibrant - my fave colour atm. One day to go - YEEHA!

Pamela said...

You need to submit that layout it is unreal. only 1 more to go.

xo pam

Ali said...

that LO is super cool lisa! i love the (felt) rays! and that pp is cool! i don't know how u find the time to scrap after work!! I try.....and end up doing one layout over about 4 nights if I'm lucky!! :)

Michelle Jamieson said...

WOwsers...that pen sketch is awesome!
I love your little rays of sunshine L/O...divine!!

How cute were you in that old pic? Very cute, I'd say!!

Chelle Xx

Natalia said...

thank you so much for leaving such kind words (that motivates me to create more!) on my blog!

love how you get the effect of the sun rays using swirls and felt/velvet (?) and with the journaling, it's so creative!

Natalia said...

and how cute is that curly hair?! reminds me of shirley temple :D