Wednesday, July 02, 2008

day 350...
happy witchy dancin
"15 to go" she sings from the tallest hilltop.
im on a roll,using up lots of whatever passes over my desk...
i have so much pp scraps that i'm trying to look in it each layout

yes my blogger is still playing with my mind ,
and these top 2 12x12 had to both be uploaded 3 times each...
nicole ive worked it out ,ill pm you.its still annoying ,but ive found a way around it
here's one with Baby Evy.
my lil koala bear
inspired but Julie H's butterflies

finally used this paint card
it says smirf on it,heheee
finished this one last's a peek


parkergal17 said...

Wow you really are creating heaps and they are all just amazing.

Pamela said...

that warana retreat layout is fantastic along with the others. you can tell that photo is evy by the eyes.

Love Pam

Nicole said...


can hear you celebrating from here, 2 weeks left.

Oh yeah PM me the answer, driving me balmy too.

AND what are those letter stickers, the red ones with the white stripe across the top and bottom, want some.


Laura S. said...

amazing stuff!!

Fulvia said...

i like your stile!!!