Tuesday, May 29, 2007

oh im so lucky...looky looky what came my way today..
.i've flown my broomstick all the way to W.A.
to collect the most awesome selection of tags from the
most talented of scrappers..
i love them all and i can see a little of every person on these cards
..great job girls...they look FABULOUS

How cute is this living doll?,Gorgeous Poppy captured in a moment, this photo shares a little bit of magic to the viewer...so how could i not copy and print it to scrap ...i'm sure Melissa doesnt mind..as all you scrappers know .aint it great to scrap a different face every once and a while..
the little patch is an original 70's clothing patch(i have a small stash of them)and it was waiting for the right layout.. this layout feel together very easily,because i used the technique..."what does to mummy(meaning melissa) like on layouts and bang ,there it was...the only thing missing is the little birdie..tweet tweet.

Monday, May 28, 2007

a new baby is such a joy for any family,so much love and untold happiness for all to share.
and i'm a lucky person to be able to share a little of this joy with my forum friend Donna ,who recently gave birth to adoreable TOBY..
now distance seperates us...and the fact that we have never met in real life..but we dont let this hold back our friendship...~you know when you just click with new ppl~..well i've been a little slack of late ..Donna has moved from one side of the country to the other and now she has settled into her new space with her new baby,gorgeous girl milly and mack..almost ready to scrap again..
ive been lucky enough to recieve wonderful photos of toby and the family ,and i wanted to give a little something back...hope you dont mind me scrapping this stunning photo of Toby.could you email your new addy donna..you have a package coming your way...

a layout for a forum friend..
i will be posting this one on to lucy this week and hope to catch up with her very soon.
busy weekend full of skater boys~the grown men type ~invading the house which left no space for scrapping ,boo hoo ..i did manage to pop this one together though..i hope she likes it

Thursday, May 24, 2007

im just loving the fact that i've got today off...wooowoooowoohooooooooooo.
and that means scrap day~with some cleaning thrown in for good measure,so it looks like i've actuallly done something~
but not before i post this crooked layout...ohhps
i really need to work on that.
as you can see from my pics yeaterday , i couldn't wait to scrap these afternoon sunshine dancers...
now i best go do those chores....

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

wednesday is belly dancing day..we head off straight after school ,and its a 20 min drive ,so we are always early for class..today ,after a stop for the wed.arvo slushie we headed to the lake to take a few pics...heres a couple i just love...which means ,they may just get scrapped soon.they are printed and ready to go...

mojo ...mojo ,where are you???

i feel like i've lots ideas,but transfering them to paper is another thing all together.

so atm i feel like im bashing away and knocking my creative head against a brick wall
oh what to do..time off from scrapping..i dont think so ,i'll think i need a motivation spell
or some new product or photos
heres my latest two..the ballon page didnt come out like exactly as i'd hoped it would...but you get that...lucky ive printed a few of them,may have to give it another go
and the rock chick layout was a bit of slap happy scrap.!

and boy cant you tell...Evy insited that i do a rock page
for her, as she really liked astrids page...
its the middle of the week ..
scrap night on friday and........ come on the weekend!
comments most welcome

Sunday, May 20, 2007

its been a busy week and an even busier weekend ,but i did manage 1 cj along the way..using may fav colour.delish turqouise..

DONNA J aka DONNA KEBAB,scrap donny.
my girl,mother to millie and toby...this is your cj...its looking so good babe,wish i could see it when its finished...might just have to travel north to rocky...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

i have to say im just loving this lil davis pp a.t.m..
so bright and funky..i cant get enough..oh no ..i'm on my last sheet

home early from work today due to a ripping migrane
some sleep for a few hours had me back to normal..
out for dinner with the kids,thanks for that one pauly
and then a little scrapping session produced these two this evening..
a layout for maz..ive been blessed to share her gorgeous photos from here south american sojourn.....
.and a mini sketch album thats going out for a swap..
i love this swap pam..these little bazzill books are beauties ,
i cant wait to see what comes back me way

Monday, May 14, 2007

layouts have been on my mind..
having swaps to do keeps you on your toes...keeps me on my toes...
heres one for fess's cj ..her theme is your fav quote/s
AND FINALLY A WITCH NEEDS ...things...lots of things.
im on a mission to catch up a.t.m.
so look out swappers.there may just be a package in your letter box in no time at all

Sunday, May 13, 2007

wow im a little excited folks..
i've been asked to contribute to a new scrap website.
and boy the ladies on board are so awesome .
a big thanks to melissa for putting in a good word for me.
i 'd loove for you to check it out
here's the link
i love scrapping girly layouts ..
but i couldnt resist the delightful photos of jacob
taken at work last week,
he really needed some quiet time..
so he found this special spot

it was a wonderfully happy mother's day for me today.

lots of lovely pressies from my lovely children and my partner,new slippers ,new beyonce cd ,lots of clothes and handmade gifts devine...

lunch at mum's and the gift of giving for my mil, my mum and nanna.

relaxing this afternoon with some scrapbooking~no suprise there it is mothers day~

and hopefully a light dinner and a semi early night..this pic was taken a few hours ago at mums..
R-L.step nanna Dorinne.my mum Barb,her mum and my nanna phyllis(we thought she was our aunty until about 15 years ago we the family secret came out)and my m.i.l. Marie...
fabulous to have everyone here together this mothers day...

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

in fact she kicked ass last night in Newcastle.
and i was lucky enough to share it with some fabo friends.
lisa's dad organised a limo ,which was a bit of an extra treat
,and sean once played in a band with Paul,my partner.
we arrived 10 minutes before main act..perfect timing
she rocked along with her awesome band and singers and dancers
,she played all her hits plus a few more,
she danged from the ceiling on more than a few occasions....
had many costume changes,infact i she stripped down to the bare essentials .
wow she has a killer figure...her vocals were totally PINK..
for this indi girl who was a little uncertain about what pink could say to me
well tonight i learnt that PINKS NOT DEAD`and neither is punk...heheheheh
heres a few pixs from tonight..which i do have to say were crap.
.i took over 100 shots and they are all crap bar a few.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

skate day/scrap shop day

a day in the outskirts of sydney.

while paul skated down hill slalom
with his crew plus a few ,
we visited my brother and the kids
got to catch up with the cousins while
i slipped out for a quick shop at parramatta..
i really am addicted to patterned paper,
its my dowfall if i visit a scrap shop online
or i.r.l. lots of colour and variety .
couldnt find the new autumn leaves
flourished edged /hot pink,
or the creative imaginations pp thats featured
in melissas gorgeoous layout of poppy.
but i still got some gorgeous paper
and a 7 gypsies 'our family'~together always' ,stamp
heres a few photos from our day

Friday, May 04, 2007

she has a blog...woo hoo...poppys mum is blogging and now we get to share the gorgeous beauty and wonderment of her fabulous work..i know that most of my very few visitors do know melissa and are aware of her enormous talent,but for those who dont know her please click on her link and enjoy her awesome pieces of scrap art...http://bloomingpoppy.blogspot.com/
thanks melissa for sharing your work..every scrap link i have on my list is a scrapper of awesome talent and creative ability..thanks ladies for sharing your craft and your self ..im inspired by you all....