Tuesday, May 29, 2007

How cute is this living doll?,Gorgeous Poppy captured in a moment, this photo shares a little bit of magic to the viewer...so how could i not copy and print it to scrap ...i'm sure Melissa doesnt mind..as all you scrappers know .aint it great to scrap a different face every once and a while..
the little patch is an original 70's clothing patch(i have a small stash of them)and it was waiting for the right layout.. this layout feel together very easily,because i used the technique..."what does to mummy(meaning melissa) like on layouts and bang ,there it was...the only thing missing is the little birdie..tweet tweet.


Nicole said...

this layout is so funky Lisa. Just love what you do, have such a rocking, edgy style.
One very inspirational chick

Melissa said...

LOVE it Lisa...you have scrapped her perfectly & I love each and every element...especially that retro patch!!
You are amazing!

Louise said...

To Coool Lisa To Coool!!!!!:) :)

Anonymous said...

STUNNING Witchy... and those eyes, the blue draws you in.. I love all that you have done to this layout... and you didn't need the birdie...xxx