Wednesday, April 30, 2008

day 289
a quick layout for Loz ..
i just couldnt wait to scrap gorgeous lil chloe.
i have used product from a tina's challenge on the sm scraproom
heres todays pic....
day 289

thanks for dropping by.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

hey there cyber freaks...
its day 288 today of the 365 day self portrait challenge ..i thought i'd get it in so called early i neeeeeeed to scrap tonight to finish a commision piece for sm...just have a lil journalling to do and it'll be done...theres a sneak peak at the end of this post ...(which i just took down)cause im not really sure if i can give peeks ,thanks for the encouragement.......................
but firstly ,shit ,i have to clean my table first,just look at this mess..eeewwwww

this is something ive been working on .
it has all the photos from dance fever a few weeks ago.

hope you had a fun day !.

Monday, April 28, 2008

DAY 287
oooops im a lil late..
tired and off to bed...
Thanks for dropping bY!
and i'll leave you with these words from
mr mojo risin'
O great creator of being
grant us one more hour
to perform our art and perfect our lives.
::: Jim Morrison :::

Sunday, April 27, 2008

day 286 ..
lots of scrappin but nothing to share :(
see you all tomorrow..

Saturday, April 26, 2008

daily pic 285...omg 80 to go...yippee
i went on a ission this morning to newcastle..
shp and crop was calling me...
so scrapgoddess and myself left at 7.15 for the local
harvey norman for the $5.1 G usb stick,but alas they were all gone by 6.30..
who cares i rainchecked 5 of them!!!!!
then it was a disappointing visit to the scrapbook superstore..
(theres product in there from 2 years ago_come on girls ,ever heard of a sale table)
and then to shop and crop...
scored some gorgeous crete paper and sasssafrass lass pp
a pointed finger stamp(i already have 2 but they are small ,
ive been channeling a larger one and it was there )
i must say,its nice to see new stock .
breakfast in lambton with goddess then home .
i have a layout to share from last night..
these pics were taken at the goats festival
and i love the ROCK.N feeling to them.
they feature MAT from THE LAZYS.
ooops sorry this ones getting published

the kids have been couped up for most of there very wet holidays ,
and i must admit it is handy that
pauls home during the school holidays .
so today we ventured out to the local ICE skating rink
here's some fun shots to share ,and if your wondering NO i didnt skate
i have a knee issue A.T.M. and wasnt keen on putting the qld excursion to risk
we took Keelie,one of astis bestie(hi vonie mising you)
it was here first time on ice skates

hope you all had a fabulous saturday too...!

Friday, April 25, 2008

sale sale sale

evy's been shopping for bargains today.she scored 3 shirts from JJ'S for $10
i grabbed 4 pairs of shoes for a total of $28.00.
i had to help my mum today..she works in retail and her casuals ,were in qld
for a family do(they are sisters)and she had no extra staff..
so i helped her out...well i spent money on new work pants,pjs and a new dressing gown...
mmm i love new season dressing gowns and pjs ,see the blue one below with spots...its mine and sooooooooo soft ..but ive put it away for the kids to give me for mothers day...

daily pic 284 ....

blessings to all this ANZAC day
2008lest we forget

Thursday, April 24, 2008

day 283
a layout to share ..well
you know how i said yesterday that my table is a
mess and im going to clean it so i can scrap .
well i didnt clean it ,just pushed stuff off my mat ..and i scrapped this ...
i think my mojo has returned....

our lil boo boo peeps ,sleeps all day and sleeps all night
only to poke around when its dinner time ,or time to play

she doesnt like my camera much...and hates the flash,so its manual for the boo shots...

please let the sunshine tomorrow morning,those diggers need no rain for anzac day

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

day 282...
i still havent done any table is a mess...
im off now to clean it for tomorrow night....
hopefully i may be able to see the mat in half hour !

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

day 281
ive been out this evening ,
doing a card class with miss Georgina
my local stampin up consultant.
the new catelogue(sp?) is out and im always excited to see whats new..
i scored a set of stamps as a lucky door prize,so i was even more excited.
i made a few cards ,sussed out some new products and
had a chat with my fellow stampin up enthusiest.
a lovely evening all round

yummy choc chip banana mini muffins for miss Evy

hope you all had a fun day too..

Monday, April 21, 2008

day 280...85 to go yipee....
so this arvo i raced over to the entrance to
catch up with JamieR from scrapbooking memories forum.
i had to drop off 2 cj that i was late with ...sorry Jai..
just had to get them to you...dont want to hold that swap up...
then it was down to the foreshore to watch the pelican feeding at 3.30
plus grab a cold rock ice cream
vanilla and clinckers for evy
mint choc and mint slice for asti
and chocolate and cherry ripe for me...mmmm yummmmy.
a lil food shopping on the way home and ive already
chopped the vegies for the stir-fry tonight...
i have to go and get mum from work ,cook dinner,then sit down
to my commision ,that arrived from SM today,yay yay yay..
its a freestyle kaiser album,and i cant wait to get stuck into it ...
but first ,heres a few layouts from last night ....
oh mojo ,where are ya

shots from the pelican feeding

cold rock ...yummmmmmmmmm

i think i need to go here for lunch ,anyone want to come !!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

day 279.
i have a serious lack of mojo atm..
im stuggling this weeknd ..
i must be pre menstral,cause everything is shitting me.
i need a holiday !!!!!!!!
these 2 layouts are all that i have completed this weekend:(
and both totally i said im struggling

these are for round 10
this weeks theme is the waist ...eeeeckkkk
Oh my waistline, not really something to photograph, or what others would like to see
I’ve had a weight issue for as long as i can remember,
It’s something that i try to avoid talking about most of the time
When diet discussions start, in usually the quietest one in the house
I’ve been larger for my whole life, from when i was a child, and I’ve had 2 major weight losses in my life,
When i kept the weight off for a few years, But eventually i have ballooned back up to this weight,
Where I always seem to remain steady. It’s like “this is your weight, so stick with it!

But oh how i want to be thinner I suppose I’m a comfort eater
My downfall is a lack of will power. Oh, plus coke and chocolate And white bread.
But i do want for a better life and i want to say that today is the day to change
But i just don’t know,
I wish i could stop waisting time

and a layout based
on the same theme ,but not so serious

hope your weekend was more productive than mine
thanks for dropping by.