Wednesday, April 16, 2008

day 275
now we have 10 chicks at school and the kids are simply lovin them
ummm looks like i have been too..heres some shots to share ...
and a couple of thrown together layouts

thanks to everybody who stops by and leaves a message so rock!!!!
except you nasty spammers....
unfortunately i have enable the password system(i didnt want too) ,
cause im over those spammers!


Anonymous said...

Warning! See Please Here

Ruby Claire. said...

Hey witchy!
Too bad bout the spammers!
SOO annoying!
but dood i LOOOOOVE the latest LO's an dthe chiks are OMG so cute!
Love the photo of you tih the chick!
xxx said...

Chicks are adorable! I like the lay out of sk8boards

Julie H said...

Man, spammers are the worst pain in the butt aren't they!! Hopefully you're able to give them the flick.
How CUTE are those little chickadees!!! Adorable photos of them all.
Had to do a big catch up on your last few posts - and wow ... lovin all your layouts Lisa!!! I love the way you just go for it - and nail it each time!


Steph Devlin said...

Hey Witchy !!! I had a live traffic feed which came from your blog to mine, so I thought I would come over and say Hi !!!

I love your blog and your work is so original. Gorgeous, it has such spunk.

Love the self portraits. You are braver than me !! Keep in touch.

Steph xo

Skye M J said...

Hello lovely lady!
Wow these LO's are fantastic - You're in my challenge group this round and you've got me stumped! There is nothing that challenges you, you're just too good at this!
Lovely to see an update on the chicklets!