Sunday, April 20, 2008

day 279.
i have a serious lack of mojo atm..
im stuggling this weeknd ..
i must be pre menstral,cause everything is shitting me.
i need a holiday !!!!!!!!
these 2 layouts are all that i have completed this weekend:(
and both totally i said im struggling

these are for round 10
this weeks theme is the waist ...eeeeckkkk
Oh my waistline, not really something to photograph, or what others would like to see
I’ve had a weight issue for as long as i can remember,
It’s something that i try to avoid talking about most of the time
When diet discussions start, in usually the quietest one in the house
I’ve been larger for my whole life, from when i was a child, and I’ve had 2 major weight losses in my life,
When i kept the weight off for a few years, But eventually i have ballooned back up to this weight,
Where I always seem to remain steady. It’s like “this is your weight, so stick with it!

But oh how i want to be thinner I suppose I’m a comfort eater
My downfall is a lack of will power. Oh, plus coke and chocolate And white bread.
But i do want for a better life and i want to say that today is the day to change
But i just don’t know,
I wish i could stop waisting time

and a layout based
on the same theme ,but not so serious

hope your weekend was more productive than mine
thanks for dropping by.


Melissa said...

Hey Hun...come for a holiday to PERTH!!!!! LOL!
Awesome LOs!

tracey said...

good on ya! - at least you scrapped up a storm so the mojo can't be that far away... maybe it is dreaming of a holiday up brisvegas way... good things come to those who wait... i can't wait....

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhhh loss of mojo What stop waisting my time typeing that Witch these are divine xxx

miasmummy said...

Your pages are great!! I love them! Alot of us have our weight issues, babe you aren't alone... I'm right there with ya!!! xxx

Katie said...

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog! I've always admired your work on the SM forum so I'll be adding your blog to my favourites so I can come by and check out your work more often.

Katie :)