Friday, April 25, 2008

sale sale sale

evy's been shopping for bargains today.she scored 3 shirts from JJ'S for $10
i grabbed 4 pairs of shoes for a total of $28.00.
i had to help my mum today..she works in retail and her casuals ,were in qld
for a family do(they are sisters)and she had no extra staff..
so i helped her out...well i spent money on new work pants,pjs and a new dressing gown...
mmm i love new season dressing gowns and pjs ,see the blue one below with spots...its mine and sooooooooo soft ..but ive put it away for the kids to give me for mothers day...

daily pic 284 ....

blessings to all this ANZAC day
2008lest we forget

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