Monday, April 14, 2008

day 273..
and i will say this last week has been a
little bit of a struggle to get those portrait shots...
but damn ,im going to persist
seeing as im in the countdown from 100..
so i grabbed this one early today ,
as soon as i got home ,my warm dressing gown was on ,
and damn i think i'll go have a shower and get my pj's on...
one more scrap
cj down.(starlights)..yippee 4 to go
here's a L/O from me...omg i love this flora Kaiser paper range ..
so my colours (blue and green)and its gorgeous...double sided..
wow their products are so spec...the flourish is one of their cheap rubons....
anyway im rambling.blah blah blah the title and journalling is a bit of a wank...
but you get that !
yes i do think i need to get my eybrows done !


Ali said...

love those pages lisa. great work as usual- love the kaiser papers.....their cheap rub ons rock ey?

Donna said...

Hey Lisa - these are awesome - and I LOVE the one for the spiritual swap at SM- you've entered a new phase me thinks ands it's just gorgeous - bold and delicate all in one - a mix very hard to achieve. But you seem to know exactly where to place each item on the page for the best effect - you're an absolute natural - you have GOT to do something with this talent!

scrapwitch said...

pmsl donna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i just had 16 rejections from sm for the paint call out

Emstar said...

i love your work! i cant wait to see your journal irl !

Skye M J said...

These Spritual CJ's are just stunning! I was at the Melbourne Crop with Alz and Simmi on Saturday and I was just in awe of how beautiful these journals going to be!
16 rejections from SM?! Between you & me, I think they've got rocks in their head!