Saturday, April 26, 2008

daily pic 285...omg 80 to go...yippee
i went on a ission this morning to newcastle..
shp and crop was calling me...
so scrapgoddess and myself left at 7.15 for the local
harvey norman for the $5.1 G usb stick,but alas they were all gone by 6.30..
who cares i rainchecked 5 of them!!!!!
then it was a disappointing visit to the scrapbook superstore..
(theres product in there from 2 years ago_come on girls ,ever heard of a sale table)
and then to shop and crop...
scored some gorgeous crete paper and sasssafrass lass pp
a pointed finger stamp(i already have 2 but they are small ,
ive been channeling a larger one and it was there )
i must say,its nice to see new stock .
breakfast in lambton with goddess then home .
i have a layout to share from last night..
these pics were taken at the goats festival
and i love the ROCK.N feeling to them.
they feature MAT from THE LAZYS.
ooops sorry this ones getting published

the kids have been couped up for most of there very wet holidays ,
and i must admit it is handy that
pauls home during the school holidays .
so today we ventured out to the local ICE skating rink
here's some fun shots to share ,and if your wondering NO i didnt skate
i have a knee issue A.T.M. and wasnt keen on putting the qld excursion to risk
we took Keelie,one of astis bestie(hi vonie mising you)
it was here first time on ice skates

hope you all had a fabulous saturday too...!


Ruby Claire. said...

WOOOOW only 80 to go?
I can not believe it!
has it gone that quickly?
Am loving your daily pics! :)
And that LO is ROCKIN it!
SUperbly AWESOME! :d
Looks like you guys had a great time on the ice! :)

Nicole said...

Lurve that Page Lisa. How seriously gorgeous are the girls, wish I could go ice skating too. LOL. What sass papers did you get. I'm so in love with them at the moment it's not funny. just restocked yesterday.

Great to see that you think your mojo has come back, really I don't think it ever left.


Julie H said...

Love the layout Lisa - very funky!!
Great pix of your trip to the ice skating rink - I haven't been to one in aaaaages but I remember it always being a blast.

Julie xx

Donna said...

Hey girl - I reall ylove your Lazy's Lo - haven't scrapped a band before - so getting some hot inspo off ya for the cj coming my way. Oh and the ice rink - I remember that too - one of my fave outings in high school - cool - literally...

Slender Octopus said...

darn those iceskating photos....i want to go