Thursday, April 24, 2008

day 283
a layout to share ..well
you know how i said yesterday that my table is a
mess and im going to clean it so i can scrap .
well i didnt clean it ,just pushed stuff off my mat ..and i scrapped this ...
i think my mojo has returned....

our lil boo boo peeps ,sleeps all day and sleeps all night
only to poke around when its dinner time ,or time to play

she doesnt like my camera much...and hates the flash,so its manual for the boo shots...

please let the sunshine tomorrow morning,those diggers need no rain for anzac day


Lauren said...

i didnt think your mojo ever went away!
i think this rain is set in, it has not stopped here
great scrapping weather though

Jodie said...

i was just gunna say exactly what lauren said, your mojo never went away you crazy woman!!!
its always amazing the work you do.
and i love this new one, i think she rocks too, such a cool family you have witchy!!

and BOO you are the sweetest thing, and i think because its so cold thats all the cats want to do, sleep, eat, sleep, play. well mine are like that now too.
shes growing up so big and just beautiful, she looks exactly like anabelles brother at the pet shop ,maybe they are related haha.

i had to ask, in the pelican feeding shots, which are awesome, do they do that every week or only one day a year, i so want to go to that i LOVE pelicans and that would be so cool to watch their beaks are amazing.

wow longest blog comment ever!!!


Tracey said...

Love your LO

parkergal17 said...

I agree I don't think your mojo went anywhere. Your work is always stunning and inspirational.
Love your latest layout.