Wednesday, June 27, 2007

i really need to take this pic again of this layout ..
check out how crooked it well i have to go to work now and really dont have time to take more pic...i really need a stitching progam...suggestions please??
one of the girls and there bestie...doing there favourite thing...its the things they do!
journalling tag goes under the main piccy.

Monday, June 25, 2007

finally they are done.
hope you like these lanae..
there my gift to you for your engagement!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lanae's Engagement cards...........(which i should be doing now ).
.its a start any way doing 30 ..
and i've got some font stamping to do..
.but i just wanted to do a quick update and play..
i've been a shopping ..
i wasn't going for all this ,just a few cards and some bazzill.
well my excuse is i dont see pam That much ..maybe twice a month..and i did need some chipboard(you always need some chipboard..Right girls?)and im not really in to the bird thing ,but look how cute the owl looks on tobys layout below,as do they k&co fabric brads.(do you have them mel?)

how adoreable is this little man
i whipped this layout up last night with a foof fa la pack that i scored of pam yesterday (i've had my eyes on it for a few weeks).i just adore the flourish of flowers,and im loving the blue sleepy feel to this one to here what you think? especially mummy Donna?

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Pauls cousin LESLEY ventured up our way a few weeks ago and bought her new camera with her...
imagine my suprise when she opened the carry bag to reveal the canon could i resist but snap a few piccys off after she so kindly offered me to have a go ....well i recieved the disc in the mail this week and was so happy with the results...i'm sold,i have some cash saved and im going to wait and see if end of finacial year deals net a bigger camera ..i cant wait.........i have a wedding to shoot at the end of the year so hopefully i'll be practiced up by then...listen to me ..i dont even have it yet !

Thursday, June 21, 2007

my all time favourite scrap store has stocked up on all things
ELSIE...she ahs a lovely ever changing supply of gorgeous products and she is my buddie...
pammy aka webbgod ahs some goodies on ebay...if your looking for a great deal...check her site
or follow this ebay link
i love her stuff..ebay is running a little slow a.t.m. but she will be loaded up by sat folks ..

i just love these photos of the girls
dancing in the summer
sun showers at my M.I.L house
..these pics have been printed and
ready to go for ages.but all the swaps and things have
taken priority and these have been put
aside for other really glad i waited..
i really love this light and breezey freestylin layout...????
heres what i used
paint,white caRDSTOCK,transparency butterflies,orange bus studios ballerina,flourish and journal box stamps ,.HS chippie, stampin up chalks,kindy glitz,rhinestones,ink ,zig pen

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

finally i scrapped it..
one for the scrapbooking memories
qld forum buddies who organized
a dinner for scrapgoddess,webbgod
and myself during our QLD road trip..
..hope i did it justice ???

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

im just loving these stamps..
and im totally loving the eastern feel you get from using them
i dont know how i every did with without them..
this is last evenings effort.
im addicted to
orange bus stamps
and rhinestones a.t.m.

please leave me a message.....................or ill hex you

Sunday, June 17, 2007

It was cold and wet this weekend..
oh the peeerfect scrap weekend ,
the kids were both occupied with sleepovers,
one here ,one child else where.
it was raining outside ,but warm inside
,warm snuggly clothes ,toasty pink ugg boots,
and opportunity to scrap ....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im a lucky girl,my fiend pammy has some new
stock and i'm blessed to be able to have the
inside scoop on all the new goodies.
.im loving all the new HAMBLY STUDIO items..
they are all so totally devine ,
and my new ORANGE BUS STUDIO stamps
i can't seem to stop using(thanks pam)

a little ROUGE DE GARANCE pp sent this piece into orbit
..please post a comment,
i' love to hear what you think of it.!

evy was off with emma this weekend...
and then she went up to newy for a peek at the PASHA
,stranded on nobbys was cold and windy.
."suprise suprise its winter on the beach.."

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

to match the fact that im being tagged ,i thought id add a tagged scrapped item
Name three things that scare you... operations,motorbikes and uneducated people
The daggiest thing in your music collection...duran duran and we are talking LP'S Your three favourite clothing jeans ,my black embroded wrap purchased in stockholm ,warm pj's and my dr martins boots
Your partners most annoying habit...falling asleep on the lounge instead of putting himself to bed,everynight for 2 or 3 hourswith the tv blarring,he only goes to bed when i turn off the tele ,but if he goes to bed earlier ,he will turn the tv down...i just dont get that....
What stresses you out... kids not listening,accreditation time at work,routine that is out of whack
If I could change the world I would...abolish countries and create a citizens of the world society,free scrap products for all,equality for women,free world travel for all
Your favourite household chore…cooking...when im in the mood..all the rest are a chore
If you had fifty bucks to spend at Target which section would you head straight for…music and stationary,then clothes for the kids
In my next life I would like to come back as… a man..dont get me started on this one
Your least favourite celebrity… debra hutton..dont ask me why ,she just shits me.

ps if you tag me again later ,im sure my answers will be completely different.

i tag lucy,jodie and nikki p

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


another layout before the end of the weekend
after no power for the last few days my mind has
made the layouts before i had even touched the paper..
this ever so sweet layout of Astrid dd2 fell together
and was finished within the hour..
.dont you just love that scrappers...???????
a big thanks to marnie
for german craft items ,i'm just loving them..
so ive been tagged it seems ..
thank kellie and mel
my next post wiil contain my answers

Monday, June 11, 2007


im catching up on some scrapping
i have cj's and swaps that need to be done..
glad to make a dent in 2 today will tackle another tonight or this week.i feel a page coming on

It WAS supposed to be a 3 day scrapathon with some kiddie things throw in for good parenting...but it didn't end up that way
from thursday evening it startedand it didnt stop
all day pelted and rocked my work
we got home and were happy to get indoors safe and warm,then at 11 the power went out and
this weekend bought forth a deluge of rain and the biggest storms and flooding that i have never seen in this area and up and down the central coast and the hunter camera battery has been flat and we have had no power for 48hours,but it has returned and we are dry and warm..will charge my camera and go and photograph some of the carnage littering our streets.
heres a few layouts from last week that i missed posting on here
one of the very FOXY robyn ..aka binrow, i simply had to scrap these piccies
and then paul,my partner.reigning king of the skateboard slalom aussie comps
then the gorgeous maz..trekker,free spirit ,world explorer
...hope you like them!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

our purpose for sunday 3rd of june
was to check out some new stock
increase our stash supplies
and have a fun day together
as we always do
we got to the paper craft festival at 10
and met linda aka higgiz
the the paying station
did a few hours of networking and shopping
caught up with my brother
left the festival and drove to woongarah(?)
for a quick bite to eat.found a delightful deli
i have the leek and bacon quiche with ceasar on the side
pam indulged in a thai chiken pie with a ceasar salad also
she finished with a take home chocolate gelato
while i treated myself to a raspberry and chocolate brownie
which i hid from the kids and ate when i they went to bed,,hehehe.
on the way home i conned pam into stopping
for a few shots by the hawksbury river.
we never seem to take enough pics,too busy chatting
but i really like these two.
.what do you think..worth the detour????????

Sunday, June 03, 2007

a couple of layouts and a trip to Sydney

just finished off a layout
(using one of my fav colour combos,orange and blue)
for my scrap /road /school buddie
the lovely and very talented
and a circle calendar for steph's childhood cj
i really should be crashed now.
but ive just check one of these layout and it some
bling on that rouge de garange pp.
sydney with pam tomorrow
trade show ,my budget is not what it could be
but ive purchased so much in the last few weeks
..i have to stop some where...yeah right