Friday, November 30, 2007

DAY 140
thanks to pam for making the journey up the coast this evening.
we made some candles ,i will take a pic of them tomorrow.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

day 139
what did you get up to today folks?
work for me tired and im going to make myself
go to bed before ..ummmm 11pm
let see if that happens !
a big thanks to some fabulous RAKers who have
shared some wonderful items
(scrap made items and scrapstash too)
with lil old me ..
so thanks so much for my Rak from ALI aka miasmummy
and virginia ,for my freakin amazing handmade concentina album
starlight for my handmade album of quotes
and chelle for my pay it forward,
who made the most gorgeous charm bracelet .
im just so grateful to all you fabulous folk who had me in your thoughts.
special blessings to you all.
witchy xx

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

DAY 138
a big happy birthday to two gorgeous women
firstly chelle chicky ,i hope you had a fabulous day
and to the lovely miss amy
happy birthday ,i hope you liked your little gifts
below is my contribution

and some chrissy cards

plus my photo of the day
ohhps ive been busted taking off with the 10kg
block of cadbury chocolate ..damn i didnt win.
congrates to toby and family(a family of 6 kids plus mum and dad)
who won this enormous block of yumminess
wish it was mine

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

day 137
for me its all about the canon
am i right girls?

Monday, November 26, 2007

DAY 136
a spooky layout from halloween
i really have to get on to making a
layout of witchy asti,but i really need
some lime green cardstock
you know how it is scrappers
photo of the day 136
thanks to the 8 message leavers from yesterday

Sunday, November 25, 2007

DAY 135
while paul was off doing THIS all weekend....

its my birthday today...but im sure most of you know ..
if ya dont im 39 today bloggers..
please leave me some birthday love here...
or ill hex ya !!!!!!!!!
this morning after one very late night up talking and scrapping with my bestie pammyy~thanks for coming up pam,i had fun chicky~
it was off to enjoy a yummy breaky with friends at SHORE THYME RESTAURANT so lucky to have these people around me...
they teach me lessons everyday..
this is Miss K....she's a bit of a nut,she is my director at work.
i adore her sense of humour and her awesome skill within her job..she's one to look up too.
sorry K i had to use this photo its a classic
these 2 are soooo awesome ..been friends for 10 or so years...MNM
shes a fabulous scrapper girls ,and she does mostly boy layouts,she is soooo classy,i adore her style ,in fact she one of those people where you know she is special as soon as you meet her.
helpful , loving,kind and soooo generous .she's a doll,generous,,,super funny,businessman,mentor,babysitter to my 2" TERRORISTS"
oh and they also are my bosses..mwah,and im not just kissing up!
my gorgeous friend lisa,caring ,generous,
loving ,so sweet ,so kind
so lovable,
I dont know what id do without this chicky ,she is my sister
,we share gigs ,kids,and meals ,laughter and times of fun
everyone needs a friend like Lisa...
a diamond.pure perfection
these two crazy folk are a cack,she always has me in
fits of laughter,he cooks the most awesome steaks ,
our kids have bonded,she is my finacial adviser,my buddie ,
my iron and protein
provider,i love spending time with you two..
love love love it !!!
our photographer today,with her own self portrait
gorgeous isnt she ...lets call this one
"girl with large eyes "

A little detail from my latest layouts
struggling with the titles folks

dont forget my birthday lub...

Saturday, November 24, 2007

day 134
a happy election day to everyone..
love evys choice of tee today...she's a cack
my photo today is of my home girl lisa and myself at michelle bali party...
theres a few pics below from the event ,plus a photo of one of the cutest babies
this is baby Tasman ,aint he adoreable

Friday, November 23, 2007

day 133
not blue,just blue!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

day 132

what ya been doing today?
long day at work for me .one day to go .
then a quiet weekend with a brunch on sunday
for my birthday,with lisa and jo and fingers crossed for pammy too...
paul is away skating this weekend ,
im wishing him luck in upholding his 2006 title of king of the kones....
how awesome is this shot
this shot below isnt kone related~bowl related instead
but i just love his style ..thanks john the pom for the shot....
and the above shot of paul at sydney old school
king of the kones 2006 is from cam wells a layout for ERICO
some cool shots of a vacation in greece he took
with his son matteou and his kooky mum...
i just had to scrap them.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

day 131
an emily falconbridge card
and a cj entry

ive got the haircut my mother always wanted me to have ,
its just below my shoulders and its growing on
but she took off about 20cm and now its all curled up even more so its even shorter .
but boy it so much healthier,and doesnt look all shabby and nasty anymore
so my summer cut has happened and i think i need a few more days to warm to it bestie lisa didnt even notice,but all my work collegues were on to it straight away..i dont suppose it looks much different to most people ,but its certainley a big change for me..cause she cut off my hippy element,damn now ill just have to grow it back

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

DAY 130.........
guess what?
i've had a haircut!
its so much shorter..
and not all the same length.:0
oh no ! what have i done????

Monday, November 19, 2007

day 129
this is Cams
Darren to others and
when i came home this morning,this friend of almost 32years(or there abouts)
was sitting on my lounge...YAYYAAAAAAAA.
omg ,you know how, we have that special friend ,who help you laugh
your way thru primary and high school.~he really could do stand up
~and if he was with parksey and watson look out ,you would wet your pants laughing...
we were in the same crew thru high school,
im stoked ,whenever he is 'home' in australia ,he always drops in
well its been about 2 years or so since his last visit..
and im just so happy to see him and hear about his adventures...
when we left school ,cams went off to Melbourne University to do ,
a science of photography course...all encompassing..4years ..
well ,when he finished he decided that he would
"take a slow boat around the world"..
he went up thru the center of australia,out thru darwin on a boat
and thru south east asia...after hopping from islands to mainland ,he discovered
CAMBODIA,and he has been there ever since..thats almost 14years ..
he has worked teaching english,taking photos of cambodian
artifacts for the gov.lots of different photo gigs
(ya should see his melbourne band photos of the early 90's)
and finally he got into advertising...
now a feature film with himself behind the camera is happening soon,
in Burma ,no less....
jetsetter,Photographer~yep he's single girls~a totally hilarious wit,
well read,a friend and a really good bloke..i was stoked to catch up~
he is only here for 4 days!
over for a christening ,which he is the godfather ..he suprised his
mum and didnt tell her he was coming...awwww.
thanks for dropping by Cams...and i really wish i could come to your
housewarming of your new house in phnom penh....january 26....
ill be there in spirit mate ,as you know it is australia day
after work we caught up again for a shake
and a photo of course
photo of the day part a and b

for todays photo ,i couldnt decide .
go how green my eyes are in this shot.
i like these both
thanks Evangeline ..xoxoxo

Sunday, November 18, 2007

day 128
and firstly a big sorry to Karrin for not making up today..
paul took off to sydney,the kids were out ,
and ive been on a creative binge to fill in time .
heres the results..
firstly a cj entry for gran of 3 ..her theme sunsets.
a photo from my back door .
how sweet are these stamps smitten
thanks to georgina for lending me her set to have a play with
oh i think i need to get one of those jigs so the set themselves straight
eg pauls body is a bit askew~it was my first attempt though

challenge photo of the day

this is a 30 min challenge i took on today for a bit of fun
gosh i used to adore spy vs spy
.check out that totally sad haircut there bloggers...eeekkkkk

another cj
for the scrapbooking memories forum
the owner
the theme is "the girl in the mirror"

at least i was productive back to the table.

hope you all had a fabo weekend