Sunday, November 30, 2008

shalom friends in cyber world .
how's your weekend been happy people.
we've been a little busy today ,a dash to sydney .
thanks to unki micheal sourcing me a sari for miss evy at pendle hill.
so off we drove this morning,its about 1.20 mins down,
and we were happy to be able to come home with a gorgeous lime green sari...
so why do we need a sari?
well miss evy graduates from primary school in a couple of weeks and ,
lets just say that our little girl isnt interested in formal wear..
she is an original ,our little girl and she had it in her head that she wanted to wear a sari...
so we looked and it wasn't as expensive as i thought it would be .
thanks to the sweet ladies at
Gudia collections 02 96366187
who were ever so helpful ...
now look at my devine little princess
(oh excuse the wrapping of her sari in this shot.
it was just a trial run thru when we got home )
omg ..i almost exploded when i saw the array of colours available
one must have the right accessories
and shoes of course
so she has a long skirt underneath,then a shirt also
and finally the sari which is over 5 metres long...

i have one very happy

and grateful child......:):)

after all the fun of the city here a couple of layouts
from last night and this afternoon,miss georgias been
here scrappin up a preverbial storm.
inspired by the gorgeous colours i feasted on today
look at my hair there, it gets bloody everywhere.
one for georgies bestie miss emily,champion in many sports ,particulrly TDK ,
super cute and if she ie Gs bestie ,she must be made of a little magic .
aint she cute ,this hippy chick

and what would a weekend be with out a shot of my absolute
favourite 16 year olds in the whole world
there my sisters.........
i hope your weekeknd was super dooper.
mine was a bit special in its own way too :)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

howdy friends..
ive been a little side tracked this week.lotsa stuff going on
have completed hardly anywork of late ,but with georgie over last night
i had a bit of a cathartic play with this layout..working thru stuff on my pages

a special pressie for my birthday which i just adore
ive been out to dinner tonight with my family,which is always nice
now i'm back to the table to try and focus on some more therapudic(?) layouts

hope you had a great day today .

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

howdy friends ,how's life ????
been scrapping with georgie for the last 2 nights...thats always fun...heres what i got finished ....not much .......but that georgia...she's so hot right now..
devine work ,always fresh ..dont forget to go check it out
so this is for a swap on scrapping in style .an international swap with ppl from eurpoe ,australia and the USA should be very interesting when it get back to me in over a year or so....ive picked a theme that im very familiar with ...sisters self portraits ,heres a sqwize(sp?)
the cover
this yellow page opens to reveal the sisn in page
some details about my cjmy page
on a positive Cj note ,,this returned to my front door today ..
its been gone for over a year and lookie lookie just how thick it is ,i cant wait to sit down and read about everyones very special moments in their life
love spending time with young G
,she keeps me up with what the young people are doing
here's just a peek of a layout ive completed..
SISters will know where to find it
oh and if you didnt know .today i turn 40...gulp
thanks to all those who left me some love.. needing it .

Sunday, November 23, 2008

i've been to the city ..oh sydney .what treasurse you hold..
never enough time to truely explore and do what one would like to do..
but i had a good go anyway ..hehehheheee
thanks to my wonderful friends who made my weekend super special.
ummm i didnt take many pics ,here just a few sightseeing shots.
had a peek in the museum of contemary it

while in china town with louise last month we were going
to get one of these done..but that didnt end up happening .
well this trip i thought i'd have a go..
eeeecccccccckkkkkkkk is my nose that big ???(yes i think it is )
and my chin that sevear????
um thats my sunnies on my head
had a mini shopping spree in the qvb

caught up with my beautiful nan,who a few months ago gave me this gorgeous
engagement ring set that my pop gave her..

this visit she graciously handed me her wedding ring..
i am such a lucky lucky blessed gal..
i will treasure these for my whole life.

home to my family
sorry art to share but georgies coming tonight to scrap with me for the next 24hrs..yippppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Sunday, November 16, 2008


howdy folks,how's your weekend been ????
mine has been super busy ,on friday i went for a swim with the kids..
the water was awesome.we then went to the local school fair in the evening and
i would show you some shots but i haven't edited them yet ,so you ll have
to make do with this lots from the weekend.
the kids have been in and out with parties and friends,while i hung out
with georgie and jesse doing girlie /scrap stuff.lots of fun for's
some layouts to share..
this first one...well it looks pretty ,but the underlying message is a bomb..
you'll have to click it if you want to read the juice......

spending time with these two lifts my spirits and warms my heart
this is georgies gorgeous sister jes,yes a twin ,
and she straightened my hair today ,what a good job she did
thanks J love ya
her equally stunning sister G ,my wonderful weekend scrap inspiration ,my friend..this weeks effort surpassed all expectaions Georgia are a master to me babe.your work so delish and magical everytime .your my inspiration G love you so much
after you leave here girls ,go visit Georgie ,todays blog is sublime

another layout for lil old me
and this ones for donna for melissas swap..
for those in the know you'll be able to find it ,you know where
her theme ...
i confess.........................................................

the journalling is underneath this fold...
hope you had a wonderful weekend folks..i have a 4 day week this week,and then im off to sydney for 2 nights for my birthday...i'm excited

Thursday, November 13, 2008

hello friends...
hope life is good in your part of paradise.
ive been creating a little ,just playing ,nothing much ..
a shout out to moi for a second week on the SIS catwalk thanks again nikki
i truly love this canvas ,its a little bit of magic ,heart and soul .xxxxxxxxx
a shout out to Paul for scoring himself a sponsorship today with DECENT HARDWARE
its funny ,first real sponsorship at 46 years of age,hehehehehehe,
wish it was cash ,instead of just product !
now back to creating

a little photo editing on this one

another one..some pics from the awesome drum circle that
is held monthly at brackets and jam where the kids so much to feel the
beat pulse thru your body,its a free circle so anyone can bring a drum and join in .
young,old,experienced ,learner,everyone gives it a go..totally fab

this is a pic from a few days im back to curls,grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
hope you all had a great day