Sunday, November 23, 2008

i've been to the city ..oh sydney .what treasurse you hold..
never enough time to truely explore and do what one would like to do..
but i had a good go anyway ..hehehheheee
thanks to my wonderful friends who made my weekend super special.
ummm i didnt take many pics ,here just a few sightseeing shots.
had a peek in the museum of contemary it

while in china town with louise last month we were going
to get one of these done..but that didnt end up happening .
well this trip i thought i'd have a go..
eeeecccccccckkkkkkkk is my nose that big ???(yes i think it is )
and my chin that sevear????
um thats my sunnies on my head
had a mini shopping spree in the qvb

caught up with my beautiful nan,who a few months ago gave me this gorgeous
engagement ring set that my pop gave her..

this visit she graciously handed me her wedding ring..
i am such a lucky lucky blessed gal..
i will treasure these for my whole life.

home to my family
sorry art to share but georgies coming tonight to scrap with me for the next 24hrs..yippppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


SkyeMJ said...

So glad you had fun! Hope you are back feeling revitalised!

Can't wait to see some new creations!


Amy said...

So glad you had an awesome time Lisa:-)

miasmummy said...

Glad you had a good weekend! And no your nose is not that severe!! He did it in one minute, so there you go....
Happy Birthday sweet special lady...

smauge said...

hehehe - I got one of those sillhouettes done at the show a few years ago. I've got a pregnant belly on mine!
Have you checked my blog? There's something there for you!

Natalia said...

hey.. glad you had fun!! love those silhouettes.. photocopy it and scrap it! so cool..

Georgia}]............ said...

lisa .so hot rite now .lisa mmm. great to hear you had a tops weekend you deffinatley deserved it

Tanyah Payne said...

looks like you had a fab time lisa! and those rings are beautiful!

luv tanXx

Michelle Jamieson said...

Happy Birthday gorgeous girl!!
I hope you had a fabulous weekend and got spoilt rotten!

Chelle Xx

Fulvia said...

you really are lucky, this ring is beautiful

chrisw said...


naomi said...

AH....all good people are born in november... me too in 4 days... happy birthday lovely
love naomi x

Pamela said...

Happy Birthday Lisa!!! What a great weekend you had!

xo Pam

Anonymous said...

Happy 40th Birthday for today Witchy... glad you had a fun time in Sydney to celebrate xxx

Nicole said...

Birthday wishes to you my spunky friend. Sounds like you had one fantasic weekend. LOVE Sydney, can't wait for the day when I can go and explore it once more.

OHHH those rings are gorgeous, such a lucky one to be able to have such a special treasure and a beautiful reminder of love. ;)

wishing you a magical week