Sunday, November 02, 2008

how you doing out there in cyber world
been a semi full weekend ..the kids had a performance last night at Brackets and Jam
they dance so well and im such a proud mummy ,hehehehe
a lil photo loving my new fixed 1.8 50mm lens, its awesome

shakin it
theres always a drum circle happening at brackets at its a
wonderful feeling to be there and feel the beat of the drum penetrate your mind and body

georgie's been around this afternoon and we've been creating
here's my layout
lots of colour and fun,and one totally awesome pic of georgies twin Jesse.
bloody blogger shits me when it turns my shots ..
so anyway this is something thats on the table and im actually going to finish it...
promise unicorn..
orange this one should be with you asap
a cj themed's my mate know ive met him right ?????
i'm feeling tops at the moment ..

what about you ?????


Georgia}]............ said...

he liked lol

love your stuff love you

xox georgi

smauge said...

No - I'm just feeling jealous that you've met Bono!!!!
Love the photo of the booty shakin'. You got any fries to go with that shake?

naomi said...

wonderful yet again.....
love naomi x

Felicity said...

love that Boi made LO.. its divine, as normal your work ROCKS!!!
Love all those pics you've taken too!!
Take Care
Felicity x

Maxine said...

WOW love the photos. Your girls look good shaking their booty!!!

Love the layouts as usual. The Boy Crazy one is my fav.

miasmummy said...

Love reading your blog Witchy, kinda makes me feel as if you are talking to me, IYKWIM?? Strange but true! Had a good weekend here myself, lots of pregnant cleaning out and nesting!

SkyeMJ said...

:) my favourite lens is my 50mm 1.4 - gives great bokeh!

LOVE that movement shot! just gorgreous!