Tuesday, November 11, 2008

this one's for mel
for the grief and loss cj swap..
another emotional piece.talking with my mum last night ,
getting some of the facts,
is always a teary time ,but it is cathartic for us,for me ,especially.
here's the journalling for part one of mels theme's
The day you went away.
What can i say about this horrible day?
A day I was too young to remember
My memory is to thin,
So I count on stories and anecdotes retold to me
by my Mum and my Nan.
My dad was sick,
Had been ill for a period of 2 months, and he went in to
Hospital for a minor operation of a legion of the bowel, and during the operation,
the doctors discovered cancer of the liver.
They didn’t tell Robert about his fate
on this day ,as a child of 3 years 8 months, my brother and i
were sitting in the car with my dads’ mother, outside the hospital, my Nan, tells me that she looked up into the rear view mirror as my grandfather opened the door of the hospital and all she heard was my mother screaming from the depths of the hospital
and my pop shaking his head as if to say. “Things are not good“
My dads’ diagnosis, he was given 3 -4 weeks of life left to live.
He remained in hospital.
On week 3 day 1 dad was is great spirits; he was talking with mum about buying a house up the coast and talking about the future .mum became a little emotional and dad took it as fatigue, he insisted she not come to the hospital the next day, now we lived at green cape lighthouse at the time, Dad, the youngest ever head lighthouse keeper in Australia .
so mum was driving back and forth 2.5 hours each way.
So on day 3 week day 2 she stayed home. And my dads’ parents went instead.
That evening while at dinner mum
received a phone call from the hospital.
By the time we arrived my dad had already slipped into a coma
Robert Charles Oxley died the next day. His wife by his side .
He was age 29.
here second theme ...lessons learnt


SkyeMJ said...

struck a chord mate.

beautiful - i am so glad to be sharing this journey with you...
all of the ladies as well of course, but i really connect to your journalling... just beautiful mate.

Donna said...

Witchy - I agree with you - you are looking different - I can se eit in your face - keep up the great work my dear - you're an inspiration 'coz I need to do the same! Don't stop now- it seems the energy you have for change is coming out in your art too - strong, heartfelt and original. Have a greta week X D

tracey said...

you need to issue kleenex with that girlfriend... its great that your mum and nan can share all the special heartfelt times with you - very cleansing and healing... bless ya -

Oh you are looking mighty fine missy witch.. way to cute to be locked away - get yourself out there...hehehehe

Ali said...

beautiful CJ entry witchy. OMG i was almost crying at my desk...

Renee said...

Thankyou for sharing that witchy. Such a beautiful and heartfelt entry.

scrappergirl said...

Lisa, this is one of the most beautiful things that i have ever read. the tribute you paid to your father made me shed more just one tear. your courage in opening up your emotions like this is truly inspirational.

me xoxo

Angie ~ Scrap'n'art said...

Ok Kleenx moment indeed!

Very heartfelt Lisa and thankyou for sharing. You inspiration inspires me to look within:)


Nicole said...

wow babe you gave me chills and a few tears too. deeply emotional.

much love to you


Mel said...

Oh Lisa,I can feel your pain. What aheartfelt tribute to a wonderful man. xx