Wednesday, October 31, 2007

DAY 111
i know i know ,im late to upload,i had to boot paul off the computer,
leanne was over just after we got home tonight...of course
we have been out ssssssssssssspoooooking the suburbs
here's a few pics from our afternoon activities

she means business

photo of the day

getting into the spirit of things

thats Tom under there
witchy poo number 2

the naughty vampire.
our trick or treaters

its the wolf...but whats with the smile????
always ready for the camera ,this one

hope you had a wonderful beltane folks..and an even better pseudo samhain..

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

day 110
well i did get to create last night
finishing of my cj for rubys swap
and a layout for
so here's the result

Monday, October 29, 2007

day 109
a photo of evy and i
im exausted from this weekend...ive already had 2 nanna naps today
i really want to scrap and i do hope to get something done tonight.
fingers crossed.
hope you all had a fab weekend..
countdown is on for the celine class...
im excited,come on friday

Sunday, October 28, 2007

day 108
wow what a super fabulous day I've had today...
hanging with my scrap posse, minus one(you were there is spirit goddess)after a lazy start to this daylight savings day,
zane and I popped ourselves into the rattler and
headed off to pammys,to met her and lucy and
head of to the big see zane,but hey we was lucky,
she was already with us was straight to china town to
do a spot of shopping for pam's asian inspired chistmas...
it was past lunch time,the serene members of the
FALUN GONG were in peaceful meditive state in
amongst the hussle and bussle of the city ,hell
a monkey had accosted us and
we were peekish so we had to
find somewhere to eat,we were in china town so finding
some yummy chinese was easy,for an entre we tried these
mmmsuper yummy chinese hot fried custard balls,5 for 1.00,
(thanks for introducing those to me zane )
~sold from a little window in china town~and delish pork dumpling..
sold from the ultra busy patisserie...thats all before we actually sat down
at our selected restaurant,(of which we decided it was the place to come back too
~until we saw the yum cha being served in the restaurant next door~
damn we had already was o.k ,the stir fried veg was a little suss?
whats with that??/how can you go wrong with veg???the short soup was ,,,yummmm....
then back in the car,im driving now ,wwooooww.i love driving in the city,
down to the circular quay for a gelati
(its passionfruit for fact i had 2 or these.mmmm yum gelati)
,and the absolute beauty of the harbour..
on a glorious sunny afternoon,i just couldnt have picked a
more magical place to sit down and enjoy a refreshing beverage ,
with such a spectacular view....
I love sydney..
its truely a breathtaking city folks ,

and Zane ,Pam and Lucy Im so happy to have shared this day with you.
the opera house point was calling us,,so after a hundred or so shots from the quay
to the opera house you know how close that is )..a slow walk back to the car ,
with a performing artist show along the way ,the day was drawing to a close...
hoooo bloooody gonna miss miss zane so much,but what a magical
adventure she is about to embark on..sailing the waters of the world,experiencing
life changing too excited for you babe....I wish I was coming along too....
thanks for coming to see me before you leave oz...i feel blessed to have befriended

such a wonderful spirit such as yourself
,you will be part of me for ever..i love you sista

Saturday, October 27, 2007

day 107
lovely zane graced my door early as a suprise for asti
(for asti's belated rollerskating birthday party)
and our special family
a little sunshine she is
old school skaters jason. and paul.
both skated here at long jetty rink
in their youth .jas .....15 years ago
paul 34 years
and me .. about 27 years ago

a new fish
asti named the rainbow fighting fish'killer'

the old school kids
3 friends
father and daughter SKATE
the dancing troupe join in the one
happy birthday asti...
hope you had a fab party babe

photo of the day ..with my buddie zane..see you all tomorrow

Friday, October 26, 2007

day 106
of the 365 day self portrait challenge
a layout of my mum and brother
love those new queen and co flourishes no im not sunburnt..just been playing
with my highlight adjustments

ive been tagged by my home girl's my answers

Fours:...Jobs I've Had:.nanny living in europe ,for BMG/warner bro.records back in the day!
chef of several resturants ,my current job of pre school teacher ,i love..
Movies I (do) Could Watch Over & Over...the big blue,school of rock,dog town and z boyz the doco,any harry potter flick
tV. shows I watch,,,summer heights heigh,the chaser,law and order~all of them,south park.
Places I've Lived,,,,sydney australia,solitary island(off the coast of coffs harbour,when my day was a lighthouse keeper),stockholm sweden actually it was a 10 minutes out of stockholm in djursholm and stocksund,green cape lighthouse
Favorite Foods.,,,hot and spicy thai soup, roasted vegie stack topped with pesto and semi dried tomatos,a good steak,cadbury chocolate
Favorite Colours,,,,.torquiose,orange,lime green,hot pink
Places Id Love To Be,belguim,cambodia,new york
.Names I like, but would NOT use for my children.................. sarah,emily,riley,james or anything else that is popular

Thursday, October 25, 2007

day 105
hope you had a fun day folks...
im so lucky ,im going to celine navarrow
at the sydney paper craft festival...yayyayayayaaaa
thanks to my bestie pammy.
it will be the friday so some shopping first,
then a class from 2 til 5 .
we are also sitting in on her 30 min product talk
thats at 6.30pm
im super excited bloggers.
anybody else going?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

howdy bloggers...104
heres a few pics of todays pic and
last nights scrapping effort
firstly a cj for a lsbs swap..the theme is INSPIRE ME ....
This cj asked for words to inspire oneself thru the day
the cover for my cj for miss rubyroxs swap
thanks so much to jodie and nicole for their special gifts...
your so sweet for thinking of us...we lurve ya girlies

photo of the day..104

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

DAY 103
im getting in early today..i have a long day at work today..
so its early morning blotchy skin and a layout from last night

Monday, October 22, 2007

day 102
a big thanks to Evy age 10 for taking such awesome pics of me....
i lube ya baby
i do hope to get some scrapping done to night
this morning i thru together this card for my wonderful boss
Mnm or maureen to others...wishing her a speedy recovery

ahh yerr this one took 10 minutes