Wednesday, October 17, 2007

day 97
happy birthday to my sweetheart astrid..
nine years old today
the pressy

a layout of the light


Jodie said...

ohhh happpppy birthday asti!
what a AWESOME present!!!
nintendo ds's are cool ayesha loves hers, and would like to know "what game did she get" hehe.

love that lighthouse page, its so stunning.

scrapwitch said...

hi Jodie
( its evy talking)
she got CATZ she loves it.
she should name one sui and annabelle---hehehe

Jodie said...

hehe yes thats a great choice in names i think :)

and catz looks like a cool game so your lucky :D


tracey said...

hope you are havng and awesome birthday week astrid!--- and hows those layouts - love them witch - yum...