Sunday, October 21, 2007

day 100
i made it
above is my yesterdays pic taken at about 11.20 pm...
ill be back with todays pic later
guess what i did yesterday??
goddess and i had a wedding to shoot...
here are a selection of the 1000 photos that just i took...
cant wait to see leannes ,she is a wiz ,
with wedding placement,she had the groom doing some crazy things ..
so congratulations JULIE AND PETER..
may your life together be as warm and as wonderful as your beautiful wedding day..
julies family

the walk
she is so happy
the rings exchanged

the bridal party

the happy couple


the rose theif

lighthouse backdrop
water bride
the farwell arch

have fun in bali folks ,these are all bar one, unedited...

i did run 200 hundred prints of this morning to share before their trip to bali..

i cant wait to see goddesses.

what do you think..if i actually took a course ,could i do this as a profession???


miasmummy said...

Yep Witchy, take a course and DO IT!! I love your photos and I have taken HEAPS of wedding photos in my time!!! (my dad is a pro photgrapher and I have toyed with the idea but haven't persued it much) Great $$$ in it too!! Well done, and I say 'GO FOR IT GIRL'
Posting your book tommorow was too lazy on Friday!!! xxx

Michelle Jamieson said...

I think so...those photos look wonderful...Absolutely gorgeous!!

Definately a professional!:)

Chelle Xx

wendy treseder said...

100 days! Congratulations!

I'm in awe. lol

Anonymous said...

I say "stay true to your self Witchy" I think your a natural and just go to learn the tech stuff if you must..... but stick to the feel you have for the unusal and what you see when you have the person or item in Beautiful photos... lovely couple xxx

Louise said...

Yeeep!!!! :)x

Nicole said...

You could totally become a pro, these are fantastic shots.


Jodie said...

i totally love these pics, they capture the moment so well, and i agree with lucy, stay true to you, you dont need a course to help u, cos ur a natural, but maybe to learn the techs if u need them

and maybe ur awesome daughter can follow in ur footsteps, im seein a family business possibly begin here :)

you could do personal photo shoots on hire, maybe even pet photography hehehe...;)