Saturday, October 27, 2007

day 107
lovely zane graced my door early as a suprise for asti
(for asti's belated rollerskating birthday party)
and our special family
a little sunshine she is
old school skaters jason. and paul.
both skated here at long jetty rink
in their youth .jas .....15 years ago
paul 34 years
and me .. about 27 years ago

a new fish
asti named the rainbow fighting fish'killer'

the old school kids
3 friends
father and daughter SKATE
the dancing troupe join in the one
happy birthday asti...
hope you had a fab party babe

photo of the day ..with my buddie zane..see you all tomorrow


Jodie said...

looks like she had an awesome party :D
how cool is that fish present! very cool

Anonymous said...

Loads of fun had by all the children by the looks of it... even the big ones!!! xxx

Michelle Jamieson said...

Looks like the party was a hoot!! We, too had a fighting fish...DH named him Wolfgang!! LOL
They are very cool fish!!

Chelle Xx