Monday, October 15, 2007

this was my day folks 95
bit of sharing going on here
im not one to share my troubles.
this is from a post i made on sm forum

today i had to make a heartwrenching decision...oh ,im bawling just think about it....i cancelled my world vision child of 6 years .and im totally devastated..i feel so incredibly pathetic..and my monthly greenpeace its been a day of regret and disbelief....with the world vision child.aiossatou,whom we have watch grow so upset...6 years ago i started donating ,with 3 other friends..and at the time it was only $28 dollars .yep only 7 dollars each,quite affordable...but as the years increased each one of the friends dropped off..and for the last 4 years ive been doing it on my own..well now its $43.00 or so dollars a month ..and as my DH(im using that term loosely atm)hasnt had more that 1 days work a week for the last 5 months ,,im struggling to reach any of my living goals ..finacially im so strapped .i still own a tonne of school fees ,with only 9 weeks to go..and its asti's birthday this week..and i only have just enough for what she wants and no more.hope the family can live on cereal and toast for the today i made the call to world vision..and they were so nice ..reassuring that my child would get picked up again,and thanking me for the 6 years that i have donated ...and when i rang greenpeace to do the same...all they wanted to know was ,if i could still make quartely payments ...i was devestated again..already upset ..i wasnt very nice to them then i went to work...and when i got home some scrapping sunshine was on my doorstep...thanks lisa gibson and nadine put a little smiling sunshine in my day...soon ill grab the kids off the bus..then folding some clothes till my staff meeting at 5.30/which is the same time i have to grab my mum from work.****....
and a big thanks to K & V. for their kind offers of financial help..
and for their amazing words of love and support..
thanks V for reminding me that the goddess will provide..
ok heres a quick layout i spat out late last night.
hope your day was better than mine :)


Nicole said...

Oh hun, awful news, hope your feeling better about your finances though, sometimes we have to do things like that even when we don't want to.

anywho, love your piccies, especially the skate ones, awesome fun. Your boy has the board, mine has the bike.

Take care,


Will get your page to you when I can get some more pizza boxes. Is coming soon

Jodie said...

witch im sorry i hope ur day tomorrow is bit better.
if you need help im here for ya, im not rich so cant offer money but im happy to chip in if it means u keep ur child ya know.

love ur photos and pages ur so on a roll lately.
and ur man rocks, king of the skateboard :D


Michelle Jamieson said...

Sorry to hear about your bad day yesterday...It's a new day, so hope you are feeling better, babe!

What an awesome pic of the ruins...great page, as always!!

Chelle Xx

Melissa said...

Thinking of you babe!

Astrostar said...
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Astrostar said...

Hey Sweetness, Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking you at this time.

I know things like this sux but being the wonderous Whitchy that you are this will only make you stronger, more caring, loving and wonderous then you already are.

Sending you all my good engery...

Astro xxx

Sar said...

Oh babe, better late than never from me, I'm afraid...I must've missed your post and am so sad to read your post comes first okay, and don't you stress about not being able to give to others for a while...the time will come when you can pick it up again. Sending hugs and kisses your way, hope you're feeling a bit better about things.

Luv Sar

Donna said...

Hey gorgeous - sorry I'm getting to this post a bit late - I too sponsor a child and I know the pressures of a single income - but I agree with Sar - family really does come first and it seems you've made the difficult but right decision of putting their needs first. What goes around really does come around and I'm sure one day you'll be able to give financially again - I do hope it all starts looking up for you. Not sure if I can help - but please feel free to call if you ever need a chat or shoulder!