Friday, October 19, 2007

DAY 99
one day to go!!!
flashback friday from 1992
age 24
todays offering..i took 1 photo about 10 mins ago..
i'm tired,so you only get a slice of me folks ..


Jodie said...

hehe aw u know u so dont even look much difference from when u were 22, which is cool hey :D

love that u joined in :D


RubyRox said...

WOOOOWW that flashback photo is sooo pretty!!
So is the other one!! =] i aggree witt jodiee... you dont look mcuh differnt at all!! =]

Jodie said...

hey witch whats this i hear of pam banned on sm??
what the hells she done now.
she can come join my little naughty world hehe.

gone to the shit i tell ya !!


binrow said...

Love ya flash back!!


Michelle Jamieson said...

Cool flashback pic!!:)
Jodes and Rubes are don't look much different.

Chelle Xx