Sunday, September 13, 2009

hello happy net friends.....
hope everyone is enjoying the gorgeous
spring weather...
hugs and love to all in cyber world


Monday, August 31, 2009

thanks to all you gorgeous friends who left me some love
and have contacted me via tx ...
your connection is so important to me ....
thanks a bunch
and thanks to danny for his amazing efforts of ridding my computer of its nastiness...your efforts have been much apppreciated ...
trying to get organized and online again ,
but my borrowed laptop is not cooperating at home
like it did this weekend at the plush
resort during our sojourn to salamander bay ..:):):):)
ont much needed break
im not creating like i'd like too
and poor tanya ...oh tan i have some explaining to do...
the layouts are done ,but i am struggling to up load
and i cant get on to any forum with out my service

oh for a tech head in the family
..zane ....where r u ...hhehhehe
missing my online life

lisa xxxxx

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

my masterboard is dead
computer a thing of the past ..
not a happy camper folks


Sunday, August 09, 2009

THE RETURN OF....................................THE WITCH hello friends back
well not really
but im here for a quick upload
thanks to jaime R for lending me her laptop for the evening
and giving me time to get my art up here..
and fill you in on the goings on of me ......
hehheh sounds a lil self absorbed ,doesnt it
oh well we go

lets celebrate blog world ..hehhehheh

well the most exciting scrap event in my life is in the process right now..
in fact i feel totally blessed to have been chosen to contribute to this amazing site ,with these amazing woman ..if you haven't been following naomi's blog your so missing out on some serious scrap goodies and thew count down to the opening of ......... drum roll please

lil old me has been asked to help out with the art journal
heres a super sneak peek

well apart from art
we were lucky enough to have one of our dear belguin
friend join us for a few days last month
augustine ..or gus as we call him dropped in on his way from sydney to NT ...
we were super happy to see him again after 3 yrs
the kids were so young when he first met them,gus lived in sydney for 3 yrs
now they are growing visit they will be on his door step ...
back packs on and wanting a bed for the night
and then there is Ruby
super talented ,super fun ,miss ruby...
my childrens chief art
and boy are they inspired,
with art journals and creative work
thanks so much ruby i just couldnt get them motivated and in a day .
you had them wanting to create and they are still into it...
miss evy is a mere page or 2 from completing her first altered art journal
and how you inspired me to get my act together and recharge myself creatively

i was so blocked with this journal..but a deadline
and some youthful inspiration is alll one needs to get it flowing
naomi..thhis is your spiritual cj..........finally
jaimie r now has your cj
and now some layouts...boy these are so old now they seem like
one for my buddy Lee
a portrait from my time in melbourne

this one is inspired by dina wakely

this for my girlfriend debbie
ohhhps its the wrong way around

this one above and below are inpried by the super talent of loiuse nelson

and finally ive been working on 2 canvases
this one for asti ..inspired by a glorious piece of
prima pp(louise its the one u gave me )
the other is darker..more ...well i call it twilight inspired....
but thats in the next post

i wanted to thank all my friends out there who left me some love

even when i wasnt here. its nice to know ppl are thinking of you .


a quote ....its been a while

"In art the hand

can never execute anything higher

than the heart can inspire"
Ralph Waldo EmersonAmerican poet, lecturer and essayist, 1803-1888

Thursday, August 06, 2009

hello friends in cyber world...
i'm here but i'm not ,my photos are found and safe in my f drive
but my sad computer has gone for a face lift to ruby's house ..
can't wait till i'm back online and with working usb ....
fingers crossed folks ..
i've been super busy with work and family ,no daily photos,
just lots of exercise and fun...
miss Evy performed in her eisteadford(sp?) in sydney,she and her school.
their perfomance was sensational.the other schools were amazing too.
miss asti scored herself a position on the school netball team ,
which we are all super proud of her!

ruby oh miss ruby came to visit ,for a week !
we had a creative feast..i wish i could upload some
pieces and share some of my art , but well you 'll have to wait a little longer .

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

ok ...i am alive and well..
im having some major computer issues ..
a hard drive crash
and im sad to say that Ive basically lost ever photo that
I've taken for the last 5 yrs .:(
and that's after buying a a huge
external hard drive and moved everything over ...
and now its now where to be found ...
(Zane my f drive has disappeared)
im still hopeful that some computer wizard
some where can work there magic and find my beloved pics.....
but my pics from Adelaide are gone (Sonja-fingers crossed)
before uploading any on to my blog :(
lucky i have my blog bucket in picassa i can grab some from there
and face book has a few pics
but very few are full size

and ...... all my documents
:( :( ;(
and my printer is offline .
so my layout uploading is suffering

.. on a brighter note
thanks to those in Adelaide who made
my time there something spec.
Louise ...i adore catching up with you .
and it was super to see your amazing creative space irl.
i came home and looked at my scrap stash..
and started to cry laughing ....heehheheee.
im coming back
Ali i did fly of course .
.but didn't hit Adelaide airport until 8.30pm on Friday

Friday, June 19, 2009

im off to visit Adelaide .
back on monday
"I never travel without my diary.
One should always have something
sensational to read in the train."
(make that plane)
Oscar WildeIrish poet, novelist,
dramatist and critic,

Monday, June 15, 2009

Back to work..the sun is shining the walk to walk is fresh but invigorating
there's a spring in my step ,because at the end of the week
I'm off to south Australia to catch up with some scrap cyber friends .
I've never been to Adelaide ,so another first for me in 2 months ,
first visiting Melbourne,now if i could just fund a
trip to Perth i would almost have meet all my cyber friends
and oh to meet those important internationals -one can dream

quote of the day
there are two ways to live your life
one is as though
nothing is a miracle

the other is as though
everything is a miracle

Albert Einstein

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another fun weekend...,finally back to myself ...
but need to exercise and get back to normal life
(especially since i binged on cadbury black forest chocolate last night)
ohhhhhhps.......and today ...i bought my first 2 pairs of size 12 jeans ...yay
bearing in mind at the start of my journey(in sept last year )
i was wearing size 20 jeans ...
i thought it would take longer ..
but with the last few months and working with laurie ( my PT )
im happy to finailly be seeing and achieving results
Today i bought a new 700 dollars off...
flashing my happy bright smile ...wink ....
as far as my creative life is going
im finally starting to get some flow again ....
finished this mini album for miss zane
based on her time here with me
a layout to celebrate her style
my gorgeous 2 went ice skating today with miss edie
thanks ange and dee xxxxx
quote of the day

believe that life is worth living .
and your belief will
help you create the fact .
Willam James 1842-1910
American psychologist philosopher.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


slowly on the mend ,missing a healthy body .
thru together these layouts after work today..need to kick start my mojo...
especially in the afternoon,because the evenings are so cold and
all i want to do is have an early shower and hit the sack..
my bodies trying to tell me something .REST.
go the transformation in these photos..
taken 15 months apart ...yay 4 me
miss Evy is running super hot with her camera atm..had to share this special shot
she's a wiz at the self portrait(aint all the kids now a days )
quote of the day
the day ,water,sun,moon,night-
i do not have to pay to enjoy these things

tinus platus
roman dramitist