Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another fun weekend...,finally back to myself ...
but need to exercise and get back to normal life
(especially since i binged on cadbury black forest chocolate last night)
ohhhhhhps.......and today ...i bought my first 2 pairs of size 12 jeans ...yay
bearing in mind at the start of my journey(in sept last year )
i was wearing size 20 jeans ...
i thought it would take longer ..
but with the last few months and working with laurie ( my PT )
im happy to finailly be seeing and achieving results
Today i bought a new 700 dollars off...
flashing my happy bright smile ...wink ....
as far as my creative life is going
im finally starting to get some flow again ....
finished this mini album for miss zane
based on her time here with me
a layout to celebrate her style
my gorgeous 2 went ice skating today with miss edie
thanks ange and dee xxxxx
quote of the day

believe that life is worth living .
and your belief will
help you create the fact .
Willam James 1842-1910
American psychologist philosopher.


chrisw said...

Enjoy your beautiful new look Lisa,you've worked hard and should be proud ..shout out loud you are beautiful!!

Melissa said...

Woo are a hottie Lisa!
Yay for new jeans & new size!
I have missed you my friend!

Nicole said...

Sexy mumma. Way to go you.

It's a fantastic achievement and you should be so proud of yourself.