Friday, August 31, 2007

day 52... things are looking up folks..
thanks to all the loving support sent to me via,email pm comments and txt....where would i be without you giiiiiirlfriends....tomorrow is a brighter day...and things can only get better...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

want a laugh..i certainly do...
its a bit naughty...
but fun..thanks to celine for sharing it ..
DAY 51....
which photo will i use?????
ill let you decide...
still not back to being me...trying hard to get thru the week unscarred
fingers crossed ,one day to go...then i'm going into hermit mode for the weekend
find me a rock to crawl under!!!! ill be there!!!!
photo one
photo two
photo three

and while i'm here ..i know there are not many of you left that have PAID IT FORWARD"i was a lucky duck to be granted a gift from chelle...(she's so sweet)so now its my turn...for those that havent jumped on to the pay it forward bandwagon..who would like me to make them something special.....all you have to do is leave your name,make sure you say me forward..then you copy and paste the below info ..and repeat the process.....

Pay it ForwardHere are the rules:The first three people to comment here (who would like to be involved in the Pay It Forward Challenge) will receive a handmade gift from me. All you have to do is keep the fun challenge going by agreeing to create three handmade gifts for three more people...SO, if you would like a gift hand made by me, just be one of the first 3 to pop in a comment!! :)EASY PEASY! So if you would like to join in, add your comment, the first 3 get a handmade gift from me, and then you post the same thing on your blog (just copy and paste the rules)and keep paying it forward.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

celebrating day 50 of the 365 day self portrait challenge
ususally not uploading till the evening..i thought id get todays in early

its self expalitory...
i will not expose myself to all...
in fact ,i will only share a little of myself,
for risk of getting scarred..

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

DAY 49.....
not a day i will forget in a hurry....
i could say a lot..but holding ones tongue gives one class...
so im doing that!!!!
lets hope tomorrow brings a fresh new start to life !
hope you all had a good day...
it had to be better that mine!
DAY 48
a dash to burn and develop some photos with emmanuelle this morning .
thanks photo express.a quick bite and then on the road,
we dropped the kids to pauls Mum,and off to the airport we went......
a quick photo with pauls mum Marie
getting ready to go
one last photo with the girls
Erico has citizenship in belguim ,where he lives..
his mum is spanish ,dad is italian ,
and he holds an italian passport.
a european actor,caught with his pants down..again!!!!!!!!!!!!
among other things Rico is a quick change artist ,
especially at airports
i think its hereditry(sp?)
farewell ..see you in 3 years guys!!!!!
so wonderful to meet you emmanuelle

see you on wednesday RICO....YOU too JPL
one sad of the day !
thats it ..they have gone..arriving in wellington .NZ at 10pm this evening.then tomorrow a flight to auckland.connecting to a hongkong direct,then on to london.where ERICO and EMMANUELLE will seperate .he travelling thru the channel tunnel,with cast from his movie ,while emma jumps a flight direct to Belguim..we had the most fab time..thanks for sharing my last few days with me bloggers,thanks for your comments .
sorry i havent been visiting your sites girls...i'll be back to normal did i happen to mention that on top of my wonderful belguin friend visit we also has 4 skaters sleep over on sat night.(thats 10 ppl) and 8 ppl on sun..
im whiped out ..had to boot paul off the computer just to it think i'll fall over..

Sunday, August 26, 2007

DAY 47
best make this day special!!!!
breakfast anyone???????
thanks disco stu..loving your cooking
a visit to my lighthouse

friends at the beach
tools of the trade
rico and paul clowning around
in order of the photo.
from left to right
steve from 2nd place..
haggy from norway in first place,

and proudly displaying his 3rd place trophie is paul....
the afternoon sunset swim

soldiers at sunset..
.a wonderful last evening with us at go rock on !
a very special day !!!!!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

there's a belgian on the toilet seat!

DAY 46.i think???


what fun we had today!.
clowning around at the reptile park..
hell its a bit pricey..22.50 per adult ..12.00 per child ...freakin outrageous...
lucky i was frugal yesterday and still had some cash today...
so the following pics are a sample of the 420 shots today !!!!

emmanuelle feeding the kangaroo' it worth 22.50?

i sang RICO the redback on the toilet seat ,
well this crazy belguin actor needs little prompting and
promptly dropped his dacks and sat on the dunny seat as seen
in the first pic that i just deleted from here,,,damn that


Friday, August 24, 2007

DAY 45
we were up a little early but had a slow start to our day,
we jumped on to the train at about 10.30 to head south
to Sydney,for a lightning visiting to some tourist spots...
hello,emmanuelle can not come all the way to oz and not
catch some sights.(erico has been here before)...
every train ride needs a mid morning munchies
asti's way to get thru ,the hour something train to sydney,
is to draw...she has a wonderful creative mind....

so we changed at hornsby and caught the north shore line,

getting off at milsons point and heading down the road to luna park.. loving these reflective shots of the laughing clown and the girls

emmanuelle and erico

these crazy mirrors at luna park help provide todays portrait pic

wow how awesome is this shot ...
taken under the harbour bridge ..
a wonderful moment caught thru the lense!

we spent some time around circular quay(sp?)
amazingly caught a few aboriginal musicians doing their
diggeridoo thing on the boardwalk ,got some fab shots ,
then jumped on a bus thru the city and out to bondi beach..
where else do you take euro guests ???
we are doing the reptile park tomorrow !
i have some gorgeous pics of emma and rico on bondi

then it was back to bondi via kings cross..
and hopped a train back to the central coast ..
a long day ,518 photos taken(thats just my camera) ,and a 2 happy but weary travellers,
2 exaushted children and me!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

day 44
and its book week at school..
evy went at ONYX from the trollz
while astrid went for the traditional

we fit this photo shoot in today at our favourite beach
(rico was here ten years ago during the aussie summer ,so we had to visit again)
its so great to catch up..they are a little tired
(shooting finished on set last night in wellington N.Z..
and then flight out was at 6.30) there ready for a good rest...
we are in a festive mood folks..
thanks for my messages so much friends...
loving the messages from aboard..they all make my day....
we are racing to Sydney tomorrow
for a lightning visit,to do the tourist thing ,
should be fun for my euro guests

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

day 43...
one sleep to go !!!!!!!
im having a bad hair day ,again!
this beaten up old hat is just what i need for yesterday and today..
to hide my flat hair,,heheheeeee.
giddy up!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

day 42....
i'm tired,worn out and
not wanting to do extra days..but i am...
2 days till rico comes ,very excited !
day 41
im late ,but i swear that i took this photo before midnight ,
i'm talking ,just before midnight !
heres a peek of a layout i did this weekend at a little
scrapweekend at my scrap inspiration ,weBBgods,
we shared the weekend with the
totally fabulous HEIDI and JAANA & JADE .
speed scrapping legend LOZ ,
the totally crazy crazymum LUCY.
the stash queen scrapalot JO and DD Natalie,
our favoutrite tumut scrapstash supplier KATA.
and the wonderful LEABABY .
a big thanks to pam and rob for putting up with
us and for keeping us fed and scrap happy

the scrapping gang...damn have to buy a new tripod.
my one is just not strong enough to support the new camera

me and my bestie
...goddess where were you????

young rocking scrappers
these are heidi and my little girls..
we both have 8 and 10 year old little chickies

a wonderful gift from lucy

pam and her beloved dash
sm forum members ..jr and snr

love that tee loz...hey jodes ..ya like her shirt ??

gorgeous ,wonderful,real you..
heidi i'm just so glad you made the trip..
i just loved spending time with you and your little chicka dee's ..
it was way to short
love to catch up with you soon
a sneek peek ,for those not on the SM forum

this one is for you robyn/binrow..
i know how you love the little details babe!