Tuesday, August 21, 2007

day 41
im late ,but i swear that i took this photo before midnight ,
i'm talking ,just before midnight !
heres a peek of a layout i did this weekend at a little
scrapweekend at my scrap inspiration ,weBBgods,
we shared the weekend with the
totally fabulous HEIDI and JAANA & JADE .
speed scrapping legend LOZ ,
the totally crazy crazymum LUCY.
the stash queen scrapalot JO and DD Natalie,
our favoutrite tumut scrapstash supplier KATA.
and the wonderful LEABABY .
a big thanks to pam and rob for putting up with
us and for keeping us fed and scrap happy

the scrapping gang...damn have to buy a new tripod.
my one is just not strong enough to support the new camera

me and my bestie
...goddess where were you????

young rocking scrappers
these are heidi and my little girls..
we both have 8 and 10 year old little chickies

a wonderful gift from lucy

pam and her beloved dash
sm forum members ..jr and snr

love that tee loz...hey jodes ..ya like her shirt ??

gorgeous ,wonderful,real you..
heidi i'm just so glad you made the trip..
i just loved spending time with you and your little chicka dee's ..
it was way to short
love to catch up with you soon
a sneek peek ,for those not on the SM forum

this one is for you robyn/binrow..
i know how you love the little details babe!


Jodie said...

such AMAZING photos are coming from you and this new camera.
just awesome.

haha yep LOVE that pink top :D :D


miasmummy said...

Great pics, witchy! I had a frivolous fantasy last week of hopping on the net, booking airplane tickets, and coming over to meet some of the Fab SM Forum chickies..... Lucky my Family Payment for the year hadn't rocked up coz I probably would have! Looks like a fab time!!! xx

Pamela Godfrey said...

Thanks for the double B's babe.

Is that scrapgoddess in the middle back row of the group shot. We sure did miss her.

Your photos are fab, keep going with your challenge because you are getting different photos of you all the time indifferent lighting, places etc etc. Lloking forward to seeing some layouts from the photos you took on the weekend have you got some printed yet???

Julie said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time meeting up with friends - great pix of your time together - always enjoy taking a peek into the lives of others.

Michelle Jamieson said...

Great pics with the new camera!!

You all look like you're having a fabulous time! Can't wait to scrap with you inspiring grls again, one day! Hopefully next year!!

Chelle Xx

binrow said...

That carving is beautiful and a big thanks from me for sharing it!!
WoW it looks like you girls had an awesome time together, great to see Heidi make the trip to visit.HUGZ

Donna said...

Oh - thanks! So now I'm totally jealousing for a scrap weekend too! (that's Broome talk for wanting something you got!) Looks like you had such a great time - and liking that little bit of bling there witchy - can we see the whole thing?
Love from The Very Green Kebab

Nicole said...

I'm hopefully getting a new camera on Friday, see what sort of deal I can achieve, hmmmmm I wonder what I'm going to get ;)

Just love your photo's looks like an amazing weekend had by all.

love the little sneaky peak, the bling is yummo.


Lauren said...

Your photos look awesome! Can you please send me the one of me and Pam? Thanks heaps!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Witchy awesome weekend and fantastic Photo's... need to pinch the group one as mine didn't turn out!!!! and must upload some others from the weekend to my blog tomorrow or the next day.... Wasn't it wonderful for Heid's to visit all the way from QLD... and all the others who traveled xxx

Heids xx said...

Awww Witch it really wasn't long enough eh? it was soooo great. I mean I fully felt like I'd known all of you for so very long. Love the 'click' we have ;)
I had to chuckle at the double Bs hehehe...was thinking of doing the same thing on SM ;) lol...

oh, I have to apologise to those who are offended by my Manson shirt. I do live in it, and yes it's the real me...but I was told by one of my besties that I should (and I quote!) "burn the damn thing" ROFL! [won't she be impressed when I rock up to her house wearing the very same shirt! ROFL!)
anyways, loving your blog chicky!! your daily pics are soooo great! wish I had your dedication to such things - way too hyperactive though!

take care of you babe!!!!

Heids xxxxx