Thursday, August 02, 2007

DAY 23
a long WORK day
this one was taken at 'WORK'.
by miss amy.~thank you amy
playing heaps with my camera
and lovin it ....
just a footnote..
the plaits are to cover my bad hair day
scrapgoddess said just put a bag over my head
ill save that for another day ..


binrow said...

Gosh you look so cute in plaits, Ha you always look cute witchy!!!


Lauren said...

Loving the plaits Witch!! Am also loving this challenge, its not as hard so far as i thought it would be but i am only up to day 6 so thats probably why!

Jodie said...

hehe i agree with binrow
totally cute.
Pippi longstocking eat ur heart out hehehe.

ahhh i cant WAIT to start this challenge!!!
roll on next week!!


Nicole said...

love the plaits,

love love love plaits though, can't wait for Charlottes hair to be long enough. Can't wait til I'm feeling better so I can get stuck back into this properly.