Friday, August 03, 2007

DAY 24
dont really feel myself ,
i suppose its just the end of a long week
im sleeping in tomorrow ..and all i want to do
is stay home all weekend
but of course ,there are family commitments
i wish i could magic my way thru my chores
and have an extra 8hrs just for me .
well heres to wishing


binrow said...

Yep I'm up for that, in my dreams!!! Hay I scrapped tonight god it felt great, with life in the gutter at the moment have to take hold of what small blessings I can get!!


Kaite said...

Its kaitlin, astrids buddy,
you told me to cheek out your site and i did. its great. u would have to be one of the most creative people ive ever meet. i love it. i never realised how tall asti was. shes over taken eve.
say hi to the girls for mi. ill need to come down with tineale again to show u my scrapbook, and if u ever find the christmas photo of me and asti i would love to have a copy so i can put it in my scrapbook.

Donna said...

Your portrait challenge is going GREAT! I love checking in and having a squizz and seeing more witchy poo! Hey - I finished HP!!! Omigod - just unreal! Yeah - I too would love to magic all my floors clean, the washing done, marking (schoolwork) and then JUST SCRAP!!!

Melissa said...

hope you are feeling better Lisa...I'm feeling the same way at the moment!

tracey said...

once you perfect the magic spell can u send it my way - best be getting onto that good thing of yours...have a great weekend and rest up, cause next week is gonna be a big one ... i can feel it- lol