Saturday, August 04, 2007

day 25 folks.
a photo ,a layout and a quirk...
this photo obvious ..taken in the car ..on the road..pauls driving and we are on our way home from Marie's (pauls mum) after a visit with pauls cousins..Lesley,Phil and their son Nathan. Nathan is of to N.Y.C. this coming wednesday for a few months study and fun..he's. staying in Manhattan.yee ha ,lucky boy..
the layout is my latest scrap installment ,i had reduced this pic to add to the sm forum and when i copied it to print i forgot that it had been reduced so the results ,well , added a few years my face .. hence the title todays quirk ~this is a challenge from pips blog. she
sets a monthly challenge to help us get thru the photos .so todays quirk is related to my camera...i just cant seem to let it leave my side seriously goes everywhere with me...and now i have a new one ,i'm actually carrying around 2 ,lucky my emily strange bag can hold them both.hope you have had a great day..mine started with a wake up call from Belgium at 8.10 this morning with fab news that my friend of 10 years,a friend of connected spirit.. be on our doorstep within the month..he is acting in a belgian
/N.Z.production and is flying out for a 3 week shoot in N.Z. & of course making a detour to GO ROCK ON ..all i can say is SAHA my friend ,wishing so much that Jean -philippe and family could come..and of course your dear boy Matteou.we wish so much that he was joining you also.
check out his link girls..he is such a wonderful spirit...


Nicole said...

Love this page, love how you still used that photo, I get all stressed if my photo's look pixelly, you've inspired my to just go with it. I was taking in car shots today too, we must be on the same wave again.


P.S. I've been scrapping again, YAY!!! Will share tomorrow.

Jodie said...

hey witch, lovin this so much.
love the title , kinda like that movie dazed an confused, haha love that movie.
anyway ur not aged, your still a youngen :) its whats in the mind thats vital and yours sweetheart is as lively and young, so your still alrite! lol

anyway im lovin ur pics, its great to see daily perspectives etc.

cant wait to join!!!