Wednesday, August 15, 2007

DAY 36
todays challenge photo is with the lovely miss amy from work.
she is our gorgeous young trainee,so sweet and helpful,
wonderful with the children and a delightful addition to the workplace..ive decided to feature my work collegues over the next week.
and the odd parent willing to show their face on this blog..
im working on a layout ,so much for not


Lauren said...

that is an awesome photo, what camera did you use? your old one?
you both look really happy

scrapwitch said...

yes lauren using the old one at school

Anonymous said...

Wow what a lovely bright happy photo Witch xxx Stunning xxx

Nicole said...

love the piccy, she looks like such a cute thing. ahhh to be young and carefree again. PMSL and this is coming from me and the ripe old age of 24.


Anonymous said...

so gorgeous! glad you are still finding some scrap time! alwatys look forward to your creations! love your pages on you!