Wednesday, August 29, 2007

celebrating day 50 of the 365 day self portrait challenge
ususally not uploading till the evening..i thought id get todays in early

its self expalitory...
i will not expose myself to all...
in fact ,i will only share a little of myself,
for risk of getting scarred..


Anonymous said...

oooh, love the way your pics show the cheeky and quirky sides of you hun!


Nicole said...

love this pic,


Michelle Jamieson said...

That pic is so YOU!!

Hope today is a better day.
You are very early with your post today...What's going on??

Chelle Xx

Anonymous said...

Cheeky and more like the Witch xx

Melissa said...

Who loves ya??? ME!!!!
Don't let 'em get to you!
JUST BE YOU, BE PROUD and when in doubt, retreat, regather and CREATE!

Lauren said...

love this pic today witch, loving all your pics. cant believe its day 50 already! WOW!
Hope your day was better today

Lauren said...

my local one doesnt do the 39 cent prints. They are 99 cents. Which sucks! Just means i will have to drive down and visit you so I can get more photos done thats all!

binrow said...

Witchy I believe in your strengh don't be scared to hide from the ones who care!!!


Jodie said...

hi witch!
hope ur feelin a bit better today?
love ya

Ruby said...

WOWEEE Your so photogenic and take great photos from great angles!!

Nicole said...

hey chicky,

tag your it.


Louise said...

Sending you a hand {{Squezzeeeey}}
Lou :)x