Wednesday, August 08, 2007

here we go for day 29 folks ,
in the kilroy was here theme...
this one evy shot before belly dancing,yes its wednesday folks.
we were at the park ,having the afternoon slushie before dancing.
and this little beauty came about...havent scrapped..but a.t.m.
im altering a package for mel and poppy in bright orange paint and fun papers..
just trying to get all this posting that i have to do ready to go by saturday ..
then i'll be broke ,but those packages will be gone..thank goodness..
so kata ,dee,missty(from lsbs),nadine, mel and maz
(together~sorry girls im saving on w.a.postage ,hope you dont mind..)
expect a package on your doorstep next week
mel ,i think you will see it comin' a mile away.LOL
yes i will post a piccy before i send it
hope you all had a fab day ..!
as you can here ive been visiting
and creating a special scrapwitch playlist..hope you get to listen to the tracks from time to time...jodie i pulled up dramaramas' anything anything for you to have a listen too..pauls band, DOGSBODY and NPL did totally cranking covers of this song..thought it would be one you appreciate..hope ya like the sounds of scrapwitch's blog...there i go talking about myself in the 3rd person again....dick me!


Jodie said...

heya witch.
well here i am a regular reader, i sware lol i read you daily love this blog.
anyway i downloaded the plug in for the vids but have no sound as the comp isnt fully plugged in till the carpets finishede things put back so ill listen tomorrow nite and let you know!!

LOVE this piccy lol i remember the cartoon dood like this, we used to draw him at primary school, like that on the brick wall LOL funn times.

bye for now

Nicole said...

totally peek-a-boo photo. Love it.

You can come and play with my kids like that. Zac will kill himself laughing, loves a good game of boo. You know you've got no life when you think thats fun, HAHAHAHA


tracey said...

too busy missus - glad to see thou....loving your photos, must go check out the playlist as well...keep up the busy schedule lisa - miracles are awaiting you - mwah

Melissa said...

LOVE this this pic...eye spy...

Maddly jumping up and down about my package WOOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!
Canny wait!

Anonymous said...

oooh, excited about a lil package coming this way :) such a great pic - loving each and every one of your portraits - all so gorgeous!