Sunday, August 12, 2007

i dont know why it says saturday..when its really sunday

day 33
spent relaxing at home with the kids..yay
i got to sleep in till late .lovin that ..
then a few chores , a walk with the kids and then some scrapping.
trying to get inspire but im struggling...
seem to be on a rollercoatser of creativity..
up then down,up then down..can you hear me girls....
so the story with the SLR.from yesterdays post is
the offical photrgrapher placed here wiz bang MINOLTA
on top of the balastrade on the top floor of the verandah..
silly spot .yes i think so ..anyway goddess swams past and accidentally
tips the edge of it and bang down went the SLR falling on to the lens
..oohps ....busted ...doh!..the owner took it well!
and im sure it can be fixed...she says hopefully ....
see ya tomorrow


Jodie said...

you have been super creative :D
i think ur mojo wasnt gone it was just takin a snooze??
i am lovin these pages, all of them soo much!!!!

and hehehe at the camera story, oops hey! silly place yeh.

Lauren said...

hey witch, i just love todays photo. i wanna scrap it next weekend. think im going to come down early and get pics developed at the chemist place. What time are you getting to Pams?

Nicole said...

Love this pic Lisa, and your pages are awesome, love the freestyle and all the bright. Your frame is very cool.


tracey said...

wow girl - if i see the words no mojo typed from your fingers again - i tell have been so busy and wow - is all i can say -- lovin it - oh and how is the camera -- so sad - put a tear in my eye...

binrow said...

Love all that funky work scrapwitch, rockin!! Your selfportrait is beautiful to love the suns glow!!
Oh Have been playing with RAW file and if your looking for a better quality to be able to adjust and enlarge try it!! Takes up a lot of memory on your card but worth it for those special photos!!

Anonymous said...

No way your Mojo is not on Holidays sweet Witch.... Love them all xxx

gypsyangel said...

Hey witch, you must have your timezone set incorrectly if it is not reading the right day. You can do that in your preferences.


Donna said...

Astrid Darling You Make Me HAppy - now there's an UNREAL LO! These are just gorgeous - and I thought you said you wouldn't get much scrapping done this week! And hey - aren't you getting famous now - lots of comments - you go girl!