Friday, August 31, 2007

day 52... things are looking up folks..
thanks to all the loving support sent to me via,email pm comments and txt....where would i be without you giiiiiirlfriends....tomorrow is a brighter day...and things can only get better...


Pamela Godfrey said...

Scrap On witch!!!!

binrow said...

Have a wonderful weekend, lay back and create your heart out witchy!!


Anonymous said...

Scrap your heart out Witchy need to see your lovely layouts so missing them xxx

Christie said...

Sorry I've been to busy. I do have a job now. But now I have decided to grace you with my presents and finally catch-up on the shithouse photo's that you spew onto your blog. What the pluck has happened while I've had somewhat of a life? What's that saying never retreat never surrender. Climb back on your broom and fly over it. Whatever happened just know that you are loved (I think I just choked on that last one)Yeap I feel a little sick (yucky taste in my mouth and all). I'd umm like to see your photo's go in a different direction with that hot mum from the school. What was her name again ohhhh thats right it's ME. Yes we all know I'm your muse.

scrapwitch said...

thnks now i love your post....pity you send that hubby of yours to work to see me...between work and being tied to the bed,how do you get time to write me a post..

thanks for your support..

tracey said...

lol - you girls are so funny - hey witchywoman where is my layout you were a doing by midnight - tis not added onto this post of yours - come one girl i need to see some works to inspire me for tommorows episode...catchya chicky

Ruby said...

Have a good weekend!!

karen e said...

I love this photo..

Nicole said...

Hope your having a great weekend, and getting plenty of scrappin done. and having some fantastic family time too.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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