Tuesday, August 28, 2007

DAY 48
a dash to burn and develop some photos with emmanuelle this morning .
thanks photo express.a quick bite and then on the road,
we dropped the kids to pauls Mum,and off to the airport we went......
a quick photo with pauls mum Marie
getting ready to go
one last photo with the girls
Erico has citizenship in belguim ,where he lives..
his mum is spanish ,dad is italian ,
and he holds an italian passport.
a european actor,caught with his pants down..again!!!!!!!!!!!!
among other things Rico is a quick change artist ,
especially at airports
i think its hereditry(sp?)
farewell ..see you in 3 years guys!!!!!
so wonderful to meet you emmanuelle

see you on wednesday RICO....YOU too JPL
one sad witch..photo of the day !
thats it ..they have gone..arriving in wellington .NZ at 10pm this evening.then tomorrow a flight to auckland.connecting to a hongkong direct,then on to london.where ERICO and EMMANUELLE will seperate .he travelling thru the channel tunnel,with cast from his movie ,while emma jumps a flight direct to Belguim..we had the most fab time..thanks for sharing my last few days with me bloggers,thanks for your comments .
sorry i havent been visiting your sites girls...i'll be back to normal soon..ps did i happen to mention that on top of my wonderful belguin friend visit we also has 4 skaters sleep over on sat night.(thats 10 ppl) and 8 ppl on sun..
im whiped out ..had to boot paul off the computer just to upload...now it think i'll fall over..


Michelle Jamieson said...

Wow...That's a houseful...10!!

You got some great photos with your Euro friends, Rico and Emmanuelle!

Looking forward to seeing those Layouts! :)

Chelle Xx

Erico said...

hey hey hello from well in town
it was fabulous and magic to be with u again after
10 days,sorry 10years....oups
so see u soon very soon
we know you
and we are proud of it
full of joy and sweet love
nice pics

Nicole said...

ohhhhh hun you look so sad, nearly made me cry.

Love that you shared your friends with us. Just think your camera has paid for it self with these memories.


Been playing with the manual settings. today's pic was a manual job.

Melissa said...

Awesome photos Lisa...such a fun time and great memories captured!!

Lauren said...

love todays photos Witch.
You do look really sad though
hope you are ok

Anonymous said...

Yes its back to scrapping now that you have all these great pics in your photo stash xxx Want to see the magic Witchy layouts, that have been missing on your blog xxx and totally loved seeing your great Euro friends and your adventure with them in our little part of paradise on the coast xxx