Tuesday, August 14, 2007

day 35
i can't actually believe that ive lasted this long at this challenge.
seems like an eternity till i get to the end..
but one day at a time and it will be done .
todays piccys feature my little darlings...photo one taken by EVY
photo 2 of evy and i was taken by ASTI.and photo 3 is of asti and i and is taken by EVY .
so no layouts ,,im working a few extra hours this week ,so scrapping is on the backburner


miasmummy said...

Am loving your photos of late! Are you using a special filter or are you just a fantastic photographer!!! I love em! Tell me your secret!!! xx

Lauren said...

these photos look awesome Witch, I cant wait till the weekend, my stuff is packed and ready to go!!

Christie said...

I'm very disappointed where are the other photo's. You're lucky you put your kids in these photo's otherwise they would have been just shithouse. I mean why bother. Nice one bitch oops I mean witch.
Cracking myself up here.

Nicole said...

Awesome awesome pix. love them all


Anonymous said...

Totally stunning and great pics Witchy xx

Jodie said...

hi witch, well the first piccy half loaded then i just coulnt wait for the rest haha
dial up is a slow bitch but ill check in after im back on broadband.

just wanted to say HI.