Sunday, August 05, 2007

day 26

this hanging wings stamp is from stampin up
a new layout..
im still playing with the detail..needs some glitz on the wings
and DM on the chipboardl etters
but this is generally it...bright and gorgeous
which leads me in to the paints below..
ive been a spring claening this weekend..with the news
of our visitor on the way ,its time to throw.!yay
I was stoked to get into my space after a full days
cleanout and tidy my own space a little...
happy today..charged with the news of RICO's VISIT.
yes ive touched this photo up with a soft glow,
because as i get into this challengei'm finding my skin is
really shameful and need desperate attention..
advice please !
so my quirk for today is that i neglect my skin,shameful
~i know~
rarely cleanse it /moisturize or tone it...
and i dont drink enough water...
did i just answer my own question..
.yes i think so! my scrap display~touch and play area
a cleaner space to scrap.yippee.

how was your weekend!


Amy said...

Love you lo and pic of you Lisa!!!
Your scrapspace looks so cool. I feel like scrapping now which is kinds difficult being in the boarding house:-(
Hugs Amy

Jodie said...

beautiful pic.
i LOVE difuse glow, i use it all the time, it makes me look half decent!!! lol
in the real world i look aweful.
hmm not gunna like that 365day challenge much then lol oh well.

you look beautiful in all ur pics tho witch, so dont worry!!!

i wanna request more scrap area pics, love seeing those.

my scrap rooms guna be great when its all put back together, im guna finally be ORGANISED...
i converted a sesame street holder t hing for alphas last nite LOL oh its tacky classy.
and moved the chunky cupboard out so thers more space for play.
u can see it someday.

binrow said...

That new stamp is cute, and the lo is cool.


tracey said...

YUM LOVE THAT LAYOUT - no excuse not to scrap with a clean scrap area now -- inspiration should just flow through and straight onto your beautiful layouts - picture is damn fine girl - does the camera share the pillow beside you now - lol - have a great day!

Michelle Jamieson said...

Love the pic of you...haven't used that...diffused glow, yet!! Will have to give it a try.

Love your clean tidy scrap space!! Not that it'll stay so clean once you start creating!

Chelle Xx

Nicole said...

love the pic lisa, just love that stamp, ever feel like RAKin me, I'll have one of those.

Had a pretty good weekend. got too sunburnt though and it's still hurting.

I need to do a big clean up AGAIN too. why oh why can't I be a clean scrapper.



Donna said...

Hey Lisa - that's a gorgeous photo of you - I'm a bit of a glow fan too - Picasa has a super easy way to use it - and it doesn't permanently change the photo - can be undone at any time. Clean scrap space - ooh... Hey - can you email me your snail mail addy - I have a little somethin to owl you! (he he - still in HP mode - I finished - brilliant!)