Saturday, May 31, 2008

day 318
happy birthday sophie.
hope you had a fun first birthday..
sorry i couldnt make it but the kids had a great time.
i do hope you like your pressie....
i through it together this morning ,after ditching another idea.

daily self portrait pic 318

Friday, May 30, 2008

day 317..

Thursday, May 29, 2008

day 316
the early bird catches the worm!
im off to bed!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

day 315
50 to go ...yippee....
whats happening with you cold is waning a little.
that makes me happy ..ive been resting.
i threw this layout together last night...inspired by a scrapper on sis,
she uses lots of stamps and paints on combo.her name is denise laborde

so here's my no people layout
lunch at the eumundi markets with robyn...

its sophies birthday this weekend...
so i've been out this arvo taking shots ,to make a pressie
isnt she a peach ???

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

day 314
well i did want to highlight my layout,but my blogger is playing with my mind instead....
at the recent retreat i attended..i did a quick paint tutorial....this was the pages i stoked that it worked with these photos so well....

daily pic...314....

Monday, May 26, 2008

day 313
finished this lil layout finally...
im still sick and i not have a head cold..blah..
dont want to cook,dont want to scrap...just want to sleep

hope your ready for a fun week ahead

Sunday, May 25, 2008

day 312
im a lil sick...the dreaded flu has hold of me this weekend
ive had lil quiet time to recouperate ..sorry i havn't been around to comment
but....i have completed 3 layouts this weekend .
here's a peek at what i have done been playing with ...
this 12 months layout was going to be a minimal one.ha yer right ...
inspired by a melissa corbett know i love your style mel.

this is Greg...astrid was shattered when he moved to melbourne .
ive had these pics for ages ,with the sticker,finally i got around to scrappin it..

i finished that layout that i was working on ,here's a peek..

.thanks to all who left a comment .

i do have to share that i'm a lil shattered,cause i lost a 2 g usb stick yesterday..somewhere...kanwal shops i think..i heard something fall , i looked ,but didnt see anything.when i got home i hunted high and low ,and i cant seem to find it .disappointed !

i was wondering if you could please pay a visit ot my friend Georgia ,who has started blogging and is sharing some art ...awesome work for a 16 year old...please pay here a visit and leave a comment ..we all love a little encouragement .

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Friday, May 23, 2008

day 310...
get your onkaparingas out girls and chop them up
this lil girls dress above gives me flash backs from the 70...
that you remember it ???
so there were a few more things from last weeks markets that i wanted to share .
i so want this shirt ,in my size ,which doesnt exist of course..
but im thinking i may just email her an order and sent thru a shirt for her to detail

ummm im thinking maybe the wonderful Kazzra,

could make me one i think,

cause i spied this skirt below and i was sure she could throw one of these together for me .

i want this ... i imagine it hanging in my space .....oh i just love it ...they did have a black one too that was goooorgeous ,but the colour,oh this colour one just won me in a flash ,if you want to know how much it was, it was $199.00

of course i thought of jodie when i saw these

oh my lordy ,stunning in colour and detail ,these are made in turkey ,and i want ...oh i want !!!
daily pic 310...oh my its 55 to go...and i cant wait

Thursday, May 22, 2008

day 309....
im working on a story book layout ,but im struggling with a title....
anyone have any ideas...mine are a lil lame...but i need one asap ,so throw any thing my's a peek to inspire your title

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

day 308
closer...a little closer to the end
so im charged from scrapping at the rereat ,some of my mojo has returned
and i seem to have a barrel of energy now...must be that full moon
dont you just love the shot always sticks her head or
butt into a photo atm,especially when im shooting layouts...

dont you just love this photo of maz and had to be scrapped for my album

daily selfportrait pic.308
back to work after 6 day off....
ive had a great lil break ,but cant wait to get back into it....
those lil kiddies made me smile today.
and my work buddies always have a smile too...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

day 307
howdy folks...well im almost back to normal after our trip to Qld...i seem to have a dose of larangitise(sp?) so im a bit croaky at the moment...too much talking over the weekend i expect!
heres a few more pieces from my weekend adventure.
this ones a product challenge ,which i love...thanks vix for organizing this good stuff.
when at the retreat i did a quick paint tutorial,
this was the result of using the painted heart...
ummm this one below is not wanting to co operate with me,
its for miss crop..heidi

i made this for vonie,the kids stayed with her this weekend

self portrait of the day 307

Monday, May 19, 2008

day 305/306
ive been to qld to create art and meet some very interesting and inspiring people....
thanks to my buddie pam for taking me and my lil ones to qld .it was quite an adventure .
here are 2 layouts that i created on my scrap /chat /fun /weekend
this layout is for robyn,i loved working with these photos

there was a challenge at the retreat ...the theme was hands .
so pam and i left on thursday morning ,got in tho qld about 7.30 pm and dropped the kids off at 8.00 or so...
,we stopped at the second place we tried...i think it was the kind of place that may get used by the hour ,if you get what i mean.but it was warm and clean,and nothing else mattered.sleep...
we got out to print blocks early ,it was a treat for me cause i havn't really been to any of the scrap warehouses .
it was a treat to meet rachelle minett in the warehouse...check out her new papers from rusty pickle ,they are all freestyle doodles and are super cool..
we hit bumble bee and then jumped onto the highway for the drive up to warana ...
we stopped in at hoggies for a quick steak was lovely on the water...
photo 305
so we arrived at warana ,the coolest scrap space ever.
a large beach house with a plethora of rooms...
on the beach no less ..the girls are scrappin...
and we scrapped and got to know each other.....
got very little sleep and laughed all night long..
binrow was off to the markets on the sat morn,so i hitched aride along...
here's my 10.30 lunch( i thought it was much later )
yummy vege curry,falafals with tamato salsa, chickpea cassarole and papadams with rice..mmmmmmmmmmmm

robyn bought the most amazing skirt from this woman.she is a true cloth artist .
heres a few items i spied along the way

ummm i forgot to show these yummy bowls from ya tomorrow
back from the markets and we are back into scrappin and laughing and generally having a ball..

*************** hoo time to pack...but not before a plie of photos...sorry amanda i may just crach your puter with all these.....

heres a few of my favs from theis weekend

with my girl pam

day 306

some of the sm girls..chellejamo,moi,binrow,webbgod,misscropolot,frangipanni

with hiedi
below pam and chelle

tiddly and myself.

with our totally gracious and gorgeous hostess gypsy....

go check out her forum folks...

of course most of you already are there

with robynall the gals,minus pam and myself
vanessa and myself

friend and artist binrow,robyn

all the gang together
lexie,karen,lynnie and pamleaving warana

this girls shine with talent..
time to go get the kids from vonie....

she is such a was fun for the kids

guess who they think was cool in the bb house...
they were stoked to see cory at the eviction,and evy shoke rebeccas hand...
very cool stuff for an 11 and 9 year old....
time to go home ...thanks to pam for getting us home safely...i was little help at all......
we arrived home in 8.5 hours...pam ,your my hero

finally i just want to post my letter from sm and scrapchat ,so everyone can share how cool each scrap retreat sister was......

omg what an adventure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we arrived home at 6.30am this morning ,after setting out from big brother last night...pam is an absolute legend ...i was soooo exaushted ,i wasnt much help(2 small bouts of driving) and she took it on and got us home in 8.5 hours ...what a amazing woman...hope your resting well my friend...cause you soooooooo deserve it ..(i have just made about 100 mistakes in the above typing ,so even after 6 hours sleep this morning i'm still totally anyway wooooot wooot tto the queensland girls....cause you ALLL totally rock....where do i the most gracious of hostesses,Karen ,queen of the gypsys..gentle ,graceful and sweet....your a wonderful hostess and we both were so happy to finally get to meet you properly(last time was way to quick),your welcoming spirit ,allowed us to feel right at home,your organization of the weekend a huge success ,i was so impressed with all the coool giveaways ,the yummy food ,the challenges and the wonderful mix of interesting so happy to have been included in this weekend was FAB!!!!!!to all the ladies who was so cool to catch up with you.....Robyn...binrow...yay chicky thanks so much for taking me to the markets at....umundy(lol ,=iis that it?????...i dont know how to spell it)now thats one of the coolest markets i have ever been too...omg i could have spend a fortune ..amazing artisains,simply amazing !!..i could have stayed all day (if i had had more that 1.5 hours sleep)AN you no sleep ...i love that skirt you purachased..its a stunner..unfortunately i seem to have misplaced the girls headscrarves i purchased and the fudge is still probably still in your car...loland thanks for the inspirational energy i get from you..artistically,mentally ,spiritually.i will miss you when you leave theseshores of ours,but im so happy for you and your family...i wish i lived a lil close to you..tiddy...waht a hoot you are my friend....when your on a mission ,nothing can stop this actually peeing myself laughing just thinking about your wonderful motivating passion...that first night,and the '5'minutes ,was hilarious ..i do think you really motivated pam to get a few layouts done ..and your a power scrappin machine...15 layouts i thjink your total was....much better than my 3 layouts and 3 otp's all weekend,.im so coming to see your SPACE oneday and i told the kids your peeps were spewing that they didnt come to see them and now im coping it ..lolim really stoked to have spent this time with was to WAY short ,way to short!! youthful sweet gorgeous woman..i was so happy to spendtime with you again..and i being in your connect me to zane ,and i love hearing about your family life...your an amzing scrapper and i love seeing you create magic with true scrap buddies around..another visit together ,made my time.and qld wouldnt be complete without seeing you too...thanks for my coool rock...ummmm if i keep going this way this is going to take up a full page ....where do i start..ill work around the tables....table onelexie,robyn,d.......,lynnie,vanessa,amandalexie...great to catch you...amazing our 6 degrees of seperation...ill be quizing my mum this week about your folkscrapmanda....queen of the ...i kept peeking at your layouts...i really love your scrappin style and it was wonderful to be in a place together so inpired by your techniques...and i love your party spirit...those cards were gorgeous ...and it was great to catch up with you again,thanks for bringing touched...its one truely amazing piece of scrap art...vanessa...sweet vanaessa...i have always been keen to get down to melbourne ,and hope that if i do i could catch up with you and maytbe see a gig.your gentke spirit sooths this fire sign .your scrapping classy and your beauty not just an your gorgeous face...i was very happy to meet you and hope that one day i can cathc up with you again..Lynnie .i feel like i know you lynnie...i feel like i have met you before ,but not this life(i know this may sound a lil crazy ,and i didnt want to freak you out ,but i know you.thanks for the d&m .it was a welcome ,after creative output ,it was great to get to know you ...i hope to see you again,and maybe i should book the lighthouse for next year some time and we could share the space with our your scrapping...and your stunning photos...(and you probably thought i wasnt looking)Delmai...great to meet you love your scrappng ,your frame turned out awesome ,and a hundred thanks for a yummy breakfast ,it was delish.i hope to see you again somedaytable 2tiddly ,kim,lucy ,peggy,pam,heide and ikim and lucy....totally wonderful to meet you..i really enjoyed all of our chats 2 are totally cool and i wish i could get to know you both a lil better...amazing scrappers you both are .it was great to be on your table and get to see you both creat amazing works ofg art(i cant beleive its only 2 years of scrapping lucy _yous such a wonderful scrapper_im so coming to goondamindi day ..)i really hope to see both of you again some day Peggy (patricias mummy)...your a freakin HOOT girlfriend..pam and i were stoked to get to know you....and we loved raiding your stashy to use all your goodies...i loved scrappin with you and i really enjoyed your passion for life and for your family...i loved your stories and i wonder if you brother has been feed yet...i when i told the kids we had an iccee machine ,they wanted to know the who ,why's and where's of it...i thinnk they want to come and live with your pages.....loved meeting soul sister...shall i name you the nomad of the weekeknd..i adored seeing you again..loved spending time and connecting with you your scrappin babe...soooo happy to share an evenig really could have shared with us the low down on kangarro soon as pama nds i seetled in i had a feeling our room may have only been used on an hourly basis ...if you get my least there was life on the streets at midnight .table 3.gypsy,chelle,tan,sarah,karengypsy...your a doll,,,thanks for letting me come to your retreat..tan,luv2cr8wow your an absolute world win of scrapping about scrap passion...all rolled up in one bubbly happy person..thanks for yourtechinique finished product is cool..i do hope to catch you again one day...all the best for masters babe....your work is truely outstanding...thanks for sharing your passion with lovely to catch up with you.your such a gentle soul ,i loved your scrapping ball you bought with you...i think i could get use to one of those .i loved your layouts so happy to have meet you face to face...we have been is swaps together for a few years now ,so it was fa to finally get to meet you in real life .karen is my neighbour (well sort of )she lives about 20 mins away.and we meet on the coast in QLD...LOLi was chuffed to meet you,and i really cant believe we live so close.i hope to one day get to your retreat too.and ill be going to check out your site asap...hope to see you locally ,and maybe catch up for a crop together...welll i hope i haventy missed anyone...ill be back to share some pics...i dont have many....all those cannons everywhere this sure there are some out there that will be up soon...ill edit a few and i'll be back...finally i just want to say what a fabulous time i had and i owe it all to my best friend...Pam are so important to me and im so greatful to have you in my life as a friend..your such a wonderful spirit babe...i am blessed to be your friend..thansk for a wonderful weekend...phew....thats a long one..............................