Thursday, May 15, 2008

potd 304...
i took this one about 2 am this morning
if you dont know already ,im off to Qld with Pam and my kids
dont know if i can get online anywhere...
but i wish you all a fabulous weekend .
umm i did turn that pic ,but my blogger is having issues atm.
i think it needs a holiday too.!


unicorns80 said...

Wow Witchy - you must be real excited!! I hope that you and the girls have a great time in QLD (at least it wont be so cold up there!!) Where abouts are you going?? Have fun and take care xox

Donna said...

Have a great time Witchy - very jealous - wish I was there too - and have a safe trip X Donski

A Passion For Craft said...

Hi scrapwitch hope you all had a safe trip home.
It was so nice to meet you and thanks for the D&M it has sparked me to make some changes in my life .
Oh my son thought it was THE COOLEST THING EVER! to grow up in a light house!!!!
love you work also