Saturday, May 03, 2008

day 292
and evy's trying to freak me out with our
recently injured now recovering blue tougue
i had to share .
so happy natinal scrapbooking day folks ..any excuse to scrap,
but all i could manage so far was this
matching card and box set for Ivanas' birthday party today...

yep Evy's got new heels and she is stoked
we got Ivana a faux Pandora

ready to go crazy,oohps they already are

and rock on to you Asti!
have a fun party


Michelle Jamieson said...

The girls look excited about their party...I hope they had a good time!!
Beautiful little box and card...just adorable!!

I'm looking forward to seeing you and Pammy in a few's gonna be so much fun!! ;)

Chelle Xx

Melissa said...

OMG Lisa...your "little girls"are growing up so quickly - so gorgeous!!!