Friday, May 23, 2008

day 310...
get your onkaparingas out girls and chop them up
this lil girls dress above gives me flash backs from the 70...
that you remember it ???
so there were a few more things from last weeks markets that i wanted to share .
i so want this shirt ,in my size ,which doesnt exist of course..
but im thinking i may just email her an order and sent thru a shirt for her to detail

ummm im thinking maybe the wonderful Kazzra,

could make me one i think,

cause i spied this skirt below and i was sure she could throw one of these together for me .

i want this ... i imagine it hanging in my space .....oh i just love it ...they did have a black one too that was goooorgeous ,but the colour,oh this colour one just won me in a flash ,if you want to know how much it was, it was $199.00

of course i thought of jodie when i saw these

oh my lordy ,stunning in colour and detail ,these are made in turkey ,and i want ...oh i want !!!
daily pic 310...oh my its 55 to go...and i cant wait


Michelle Jamieson said...

Awesome photos, and the colour is amazing!!
Beautiful shots, Witch!!

Have a fabulous weekend!!

Chelle Xx

Ruby Claire. said...

WOW awesome shots witchy and OMIGAZAWWSHH the stuffs are BEAUTIFUL! i WANT!.
Love the sneak peaks of your last page.
Looks GREAT! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Rachelle said...

Well, it was lovely to meet you too at Printblocks....looks like you had an amazing time away - a whole lot of fun!!!
By the way, I totally love your whimsical style - all that colour.

Nicole said...

ohhhh that colour is devine, and love love love the chandelier. very awesome.


unicorns80 said...

I love love love that skirt!!! and 20 bucks - what a bargain!! gee I hope i find 1 at my markets here.
You do take some brillant photos Witchy and the you capture colour so perfectly.
Love your new LO's too. You are the queen of paint :) xx

BlossomBetty said...

and again...what a great pic of the virgin T...better than the ones I have taken...great details...i feel very honoured to see my T on your blog....many thanks you gorgeous witch you....